Fake Saliva



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Q: We are in need for a standard formula for artificial saliva. Are you aware of any such formulation? K. K.


A: It just so happens that I do have a formulation. I few years ago, I was called upon to develop a test of a plated deposit using saliva. After spinning my wheels for a period of time, a friend in the biological sciences gave me the following formulation:

Sodium chloride0.400 g/liter
Potassium chloride0.400 g/liter
Calcium chloride0.795 g/liter
Monosodium phosphate0.695 g/liter
Sodium sulfide0.005 g/liter
Urea1.000 g/liter

In my case, we were testing to determine how certain plated trinkets would hold up if placed in one’s mouth for an extended period of time. I assume you require the formulation for a similar reason.

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