MSDS And WATTS Nickel Bath



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Q. Where can I find a MSDS for a watts nickel plating bath? C. J.


A. If you are using a pre-packaged Watts nickel plating bath, your chemical vendor can supply you with the required MSDS. If you are formulating your own plating bath then you should be able to obtain a MSDS for each of the components. Typically, a Watts plating bath contains: 


  • Boric acid
  • Nickel sulfate
  • Nickel chloride
  • Water


Other components are present if you are using a bright nickel bath. Typically, these additives are proprietary and your chemical vendor can supply the appropriate MSDS.

I also did a quick Google search using the terms “MSDS” and Watts “nickel bath” and come up with a number of links.


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