Solvent Reclamation

We just installed a used RSP-100 to recycle solvent in our pressroom and now are getting an alarm boilover.


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Q. We just installed a used RSP-100 to recycle solvent in our pressroom. We’ve run into a few snags that we have been able to deal with, but now we are getting an alarm boilover and can’t find anything in the manual telling us how to solve this.— J.J.

A. From what I could find, the solvent recycler is essentially a solvent distillation unit. With any distillation unit, as oil is concentrated in the boiling sump, the boiling point of the sump will continue to increase. Distillation units generally will have a specific set point that will correlate to approximately 50-percent oil contamination, but this needs to be set specific to the solvent being used. Either you have reached the point where you need to discard the still bottom, or the maximum boiling temperature is not properly set for the solvent you are using. 


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