Spray Booth and Oven Information


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Q. I am an engineer working for a paint booth manufacturing company in Southeast Asia. I am new to the company and relatively new to the painting equipment business so I need all the help I can get. Specifically, I need information about different types of paint spray booths (dry filter, water wash, powder coating spray booth, etc.) and the various types of paint curing ovens. Would you please point me in the direction of some good resources? I have been searching the web and find it mind-boggling! M.A.


A. Using the web to find information can be mind-boggling because you have to know quite a bit about the subject to perform a successful search. That reminds me of my first day in organic chemistry class. I must have had a puzzled look on my face because the professor asked if I had any questions. My reply was, “No professor, I don’t know enough to ask a question.”

Information and details on paint baking oven and paint spray booths is given in the book, Industrial Painting & Powder Coating by Norman R. Roobol (currently in stock on Amazon). It gives you the information all in one place. After you have read and digested the information, check out pfonline.com for specific information from suppliers.

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