UV Automotive Applications

Did you know that every automobile produced in the U.S. has parts that are UV cured?

Did you know that every automobile produced in the U.S. has parts that are UV cured? UV technology provides a combination of superior performance with reduced waste and process costs, making the technology an excellent fit with the automotive industry's objectives of improved environmental and economic metrics. Here is a partial list of UV applications already in the automotive industry:

Electrical and Electronic Applications

  • Sensor switch encapsulants
  • Coil terminators
  • Strain relief for electrical connectors
  • Potting compounds
  • Printed circuit conformal coatings
  • Printed circuit solder masks
  • Conductive inks for rear window defroster
  • Windshield wiper motor sealing adhesives
  • Motor balancing compounds
  • Component marking inks
  • Tacking adhesives
  • Screen printed membrane switches


Headlamp Assembly Applications

  • Metallization prime coat
  • Abrasion resistant metallization topcoat
  • nLens/reflector adhesive (plastic and glass)
  • Electrical connector potting compound
  • Abrasion resistant topcoat for exterior plastic lens


Graphics and Identification Applications

  • Deep cure automotive-nameplates
  • Dashboard instrument screen printing and top-coats for gloss control
  • Battery labels
  • Screen printed oil filter housings
  • Screen printed windshield washer instructions
  • Screen printed fleet markings
  • Manufacturers logos on glass


Miscellaneous Functional Applications

  • Black UV coatings for automotive windows
  • Release coat for simulated leather interior products (doors and dashboards)
  • Metallization primer for plastic "chromed" components
  • Abrasion resistant topcoat for metallized plastics
  • Wood grain printing and topcoats for interior laminates
  • UV sealant for airbag explosive cartridges
  • Gasketing applications (UV compounds)
  • Abrasion resistant topcoat for side body moldings
  • Door handle gaskets
  • Abrasion resistant topcoat for acrylic tail lamp assemblies
  • Interior vinyl clearcoat with excellent mar resistance and low gloss
  • Sealers and topcoat for customized van and RV wood components
  • Windshield repair products
  • Adhesive to bond mirrors to their supports
  • License plate coatings with excellent scratch and chemical resistance
  • UV coatings for wheel covers