White Polyester Melting Disk


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Q. I am working on a project for a glass product, involving a 1.5-inch diameter clear glass wafer, on which we spray a clear liquid spray poly coat and then we sublimate an image into it. In addition, we coat the back with a white coat, so that the images are on a nice white background. However, when the white coating is applied, there is a great deal of cleanup on the sides of the glass.

I am curious if you know of a prefabricated low-temp melting polyester disk (1.5-inch diameter or so) that I could lay down on the top of the hot disk to bond to the clear polyester to create the nice plastic backing.

If you know of such product, know someone who does, or have an insightful answer to my dilemma, I would greatly appreciate your help. C. R.


A. First, I don’t know of a low-melting polyester disk that could be bonded to your glass disk. Second, I believe you would have problems with trapped air, at the polyester/glass interface, causing bubbles that would be visible through the product. It is not clear whether you want to place the white polyester disk in the bottom, in place of the coating or whether you want to sandwich it between the glass and the clear coating. Furthermore, placing a “melting disk” on the hot glass and keeping it in register, could also be a problem.

No matter what, the best way to solve the problem is to mask the disk before applying the white coating to prevent overspray on the sides of the disk. Suppliers of masks are listed on pages 322–326, of the Products Finishing 2006 Directory and Technology Guide (www.pfonline.com/suppliers.html) 

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