IMTS Spark Parts Cleaning Series Begins Oct. 7

The six-part weekly Parts Cleaning series through IMTS Spark begins Wednesday, Oct. 7. Tune in for advice on cleaning and protecting metal parts, as well as general shop solutions from industry leaders.


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Parts Cleaning IMTS Spark logo
Photo Credit: Gardner Business Media

Today’s manufacturers have a vital need to provide high-quality, clean parts. The upcoming Parts Cleaning Spark Series is the best place to stay up-to-date on the latest cleaning technology. Join us for this six-part webinar series beginning Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 1 p.m. EDT to learn how to provide the deepest cleans possible today while staying within environmental limitations. This weekly IMTS Spark series will also deliver in-depth details on providing optimal service to your customers and staying within your budget. The Parts Cleaning Spark series is a co-production from Production Machining, Products Finishing and Modern Machine Shop.

Speakers from these cleaning industry leaders will present advice about how to clean and protect metal parts safely and provide solutions and support to your shop:

  • Cleaning Technologies Group
  • EcoClean Group
  • Jayco Cleaning Technologies
  • Kyzen Corp.
  • Sugino Corp.

Each session will provide a live Q&A with top-of-the-line speakers, on-demand content and opportunities to network. Sign up for the series and see the full session descriptions here:



Jessica Jeffries