Seica Inc. to Demonstrate Automation Technology During SMTA

Seica Inc. will demonstrate a handful of its advanced automation manufacturing products during SMTA International’s Live Virtual Expo from September 28-30.


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Seica Inc. Pilot V8 flying probe tester

Seica Inc. Pilot V8 flying probe testerPhoto Credit: Seica Inc.

Seica Inc., Seica S.p.A.’s North American subsidiary, will exhibit its products at the SMTA International Live Virtual Exposition September 28 – 30, 2020. Attendees will be able to view demonstrations of Seica’s products and interact with Seica’s sales personal and application engineers.

Seica’s Compact RT dual-fixture rotary table headlines the company’s robotic process automation offerings, with a minimal modular design Seica says provides maximum versatility for deployment in different automated handling environments and layouts, optimizes test throughput and provides maximum productivity. While the Compact RT provides the benefits of a standard platform, the company also says the table’s customizability will provide tailor-made test performance for specific operations.

Seica will also appeal to manufacturers adopting a distributed test approach through the potential linking of its Compact SL “in-line” variant of the Compact RT and the Seica Pilot V8 Next flying probe tester.

The Compact SL is fully automated and, like all of the Seica Next Series Compact line, completely configurable for on-board programming and in-circuit, pre-functional, functional and combinational testing. The system architecture conforms to the World Class Manufacturing standard, and demonstrates the Seica Compact line’s commitment to lean production.

Seica’s Pilot V8 Next is engineered for medium/high volume production, and is compatible with any standard assembly line. The company says its Pilot V8’s up to 20 mobile resources make it the most extensive flying probe test platform on the market. The Pilot V8’s standard test probes each apply a current of up to 2A, and optional configurations include laser sensors; capacitive probes; pyrometers; optical fiber sensors for LEDs; mini-fixtures for boundary scan; on-board programming and high-resolution cameras for automatic optical inspection, barcode and data matrix reading. Specialized builds of the Pilot V8 include the HR version, which can probe devices as small as 30 µm; the HF version, which can measure signals at frequencies over 1.5 GHz; and the larger XL version.

Seica will additionally demonstrate its Rapid H4 Flex line and Firefly Next series selective solder system. The Firefly Next system is a laser-based solder system with built-in AOI capability that allows users to inspect solder joints concurrently with the manufacturing process.

Every Seica solution includes the company’s Viva Next software platform, which provides intelligent integration with all aspects of the customer’s manufacturing processes and utilizes Canavisia’s Industrial Monitoring solution for remote monitoring of operational and predictive maintenance parameters.