Clemco Blast Cabinet Increases Accu-Tec Efficiency by 400%

Appears in Print as: 'Clemco Blasting Cabinet Offers 400% Efficiency Boost'

Clemco’s 4-Gallon Tumble-Bucket Blasting Cabinet improved blasting efficiency over traditional manual cabinets by over 400% for one manufacturer.


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A photo of Felipe Salazar gesturing toward his new blasting cabinet from Clemco

Accu-Tac owner Felipe Salazar examines his new 4-Gallon Tumble-Basket Blast Cabinet from Clemco. Photo Credit: Clemco

The efficiency of Clemco’s (Washington, Mo.) 4-Gallon Tumble-Basket Blast Cabinet impressed Felipe Salazar, owner of firearm accessory manufacturer Accu-Tac (Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.). “We had been running two Raptor manual blast cabinets with two operators, with overtime and even nightshifts,” Salazar explains. “But now with our new Clemco cabinet, it’s so efficient that most days we run out of parts to put in it. It won’t be long until the machine pays for itself.”

Salazar goes on to explain that blasting that would take five hours with two operators each working one of the Raptor manual cabinets now takes one hour in Accu-Tac’s new 4-Gallon Clemco Cabinet, a 400% increase in productivity. “And we’ve had the machine only a little over a week!” Salazar exclaims.

Accu-Tac’s 4-Gallon Tumble-Basket Blast Cabinet arrived the first week of August. It uses fine glass beads to finish batches of parts usually less than an inch long, many of the parts the size of marbles. In Accu-Tac’s case, the parts are components in rifle bipods. Typically, Accu-Tac’s shop runs six 10-minute batches or four 15-minute batches of these parts per hour to remove machine marks and create a matte finish, for a total of about 1,300 parts an hour.

“We are still experimenting with the process,” Felipe shares, “but it’s important that we do everything in-house so we maintain control over quality and delivery time, and blasting is essential to our process. Blasting with our Clemco cabinet is a huge savings in labor costs, and the quality of the cabinet’s construction and output are outstanding. I’m loving it.”

Felipe went on to say that he “will be buying several bigger Clemco cabinets soon.”