Elsyca Designs, Optimizes Electrochemical Processes

Elsyca’s processes include electroplating, electropolishing, ecoating, electroforming and anodizing.
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Elsyca designs, models, simulates and optimizes a wide range of electrochemical-based processes, such as electroplating, electropolishing, ecoating, electroforming and anodizing. According to the company, its modeling technology and capability can deliver invaluable support to customers’ design engineering and manufacturing projects to realize superior quality, faster time-to-market, increased profits and customer satisfaction.

Elsyca | +32 16 474960 | elsyca.com


  • Troubleshooting for Electrocoating

    Characterizing the type of defect is essential in identifying the root cause and eliminating its source...

  • Waterborne painting process is a first at South Carolina BMW plant

    PPG launched the first use of waterborne compact paint technology in a U.S. automotive manufacturing plant at the BMW assembly plant in Spartanburg, S.C. This painting process has turned out to be a 2012 award winner and has opened up a new way for auto manufacturers to go leaner and become more efficient in their operations.

  • What is Electrocoating?

    E-coat can produce uniform finishes with excellent coverage and outstanding corrosion resistance.