Haviland's Process Designed for Plating Complicated Parts

Appears in Print as: 'Process Developed for Complex Parts'

Enables uniform deposition across wide range of current densities.


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Haviland’s Havalloy Zn-Ni is a high-speed alloy process that deposits 8 microns in low-current densities within 60-minutes barrel and 25-minutes rack time. This is a process that produces an alloy content across a range of current densities. When used with Prodigy TCP Passivate for zinc-nickel, the process is said to be capable of more than 1,000 hours to white corrosion. According to the company, there is little to no porosity once applied as shown by SEM with EDS Prodigy TCP Seal and/or Prodigy Xtender Seal’s nanotechnology.