Infrared Boost Oven Offers Energy Savings, Improved Efficiency

David Weisman LLC has introduced its latest Fast Response Electric Infrared Boost Oven System design.
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Photo Credit: David Weisman LLC

David Weisman LLC (Stamford, Conn.) has introduced its latest Fast Response Electric Infrared Boost Oven System, designed for customers to quickly boost the temperatures of liquid or powder coated on small, medium and large 3-dimensional products prior to entrance to a hot air/convection oven. 

The system features superior, fast response electric infrared heaters and controls, and modular design for the addition of more heated height and/or addition of an air recirculation system.  The system can be used as a stand-alone complete cure oven or as a boost system in conjunction with an existing hot air/convection oven. 

The boost system will provide significant energy savings, allow increased line speeds and product throughput utilizing minimal floor space, dry or cure problem areas on particular parts, and/or reduce or eliminate cross-color contamination on powder coated parts. 

David Weisman LLC | 203-322-9978 | daveweisman.com


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