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Posted on: 11/1/2005

Question: I am currently working to open a small powder coating operation in Cape Cod-Massachusetts.


I am currently working to open a small powder coating operation in Cape Cod-Massachusetts. I plan on marketing my services to the automotive, motorcycle and boating enthusiasts. As I am attempting to obtain permits for such an operation, is there any information available that I could bring to my local authorities to help them in approving my permits? Thanks for your help in advance. B. G.


There are numerous national standards that apply to powder coating installations and the permitting process. These include EPA, OSHA and NFPA guidelines. Although your local agency may have restrictions and codes that exceed these national recommendations, since these guidelines are only meant to be minimal requirements.

All reputable equipment suppliers design and build their equipment to meet these national standards. Most will work with you if your local permit requirements require something special. Most local restrictions will dictate how the equipment must be installed and what precautions or special features are required (i.e. sprinklers, explosion venting, grounding, etc.). Be sure your local authorities have been contacted before actual installation has begun to ensure that you are in compliance. This will eliminate costly retrofits after the equipment has been installed. Also, don’t forget to contact your insurer, as they may also want some special features that your permitting authorities did not mention.


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