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Zinc-Nickel Teaches Experienced Plater New Tricks

"Old Dog" Micro Metal Finishing loses one line, gains another with help of chemical supplier. more(+)

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The Most Important Part of the Finishing Process

Starting, stopping and the points in between, the author walks you through the most critical steps of the process. more(+)


Impregnation: Preventing Leaks, Improving Looks and Increasing Profits

Filling porosity prior to finishing dramatically reduces reject rates. more(+)


Imtech Preaches Impregnation For Plated Parts

Peter Gebhard has a very practical way to explain the densification process in die casting. more(+)


Moving Away from Solvent Vapor Degreasing

Eliminating chlorinated and other degreasing solvents for metal parts cleaning continues to command attention for environmental and worker safety reasons. more(+)


A Final Gift Before Dying

TWR’s Tom Moore made key hires at his Chicago plating shop before passing away. more(+)


A Conversation With…Marissa Odgers, Eastwood Industries

When she is not powder coating at Eastwood, Odgers is hell on wheels in her racecar. more(+)

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Zinc-Nickel Teaches Experienced Plater New Tricks

"Old Dog" Micro Metal Finishing loses one line, gains another with help of chemical supplier.

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