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The Most Interesting Man In Finishing: Jim Miille

A peak at Jim Miille’s vast hobbies and high-tech shop designs. more(+)


Four-D Brings New Dimension To Plating

Metal finishing shop moves into new facility, adds new equipment to operation. more(+)

1PF_2015_HOF_Faraday - Copy.jpg

Class of 2015 Electroplating Hall of Fame

Legends Blum, Brown, Faraday, Hull and Watts join list more(+)


A Conversation with … Bill Barkeley, Deaf-blind Advocate, Adventurer and Storyteller

Bill Barkeley calls himself the “deaf-blind adventurer,” and will be the keynote speaker at the NASF Sur/Fin conference on June 8. more(+)


Standing Out in the Hall

Meet the newest inductees in The Electroplating Hall of Fame. more(+)


Creative Recruiting

Reaching beyond online job boards to find your next great hire. more(+)

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NASF Report April 2015

New OSHA Reporting for 2015: Controversy Emerging over Agency Enforcement

Coating Research Aims to Improve Hip and Knee Replacements

Washington State University researchers are working to improve materials used in hip and knee replacements

Measuring E-coat Throwpower

Electrocoat’s strength lies in its throwpower, but how can applicators take the most advantage of this characteristic?

Oven Curing 101

Lately we have noticed that many of the parts have paint blistering after spraying and going through our IR oven. Our oven has been designed with three separate zones, and lately our maintenance department has been adjusting various setting in an effort to fix this problem.

Proper Booth Filtration

Lately, it seems that we have had to change our filters a lot to maintain good airflow through the booth. What is the proper filter that we should be using, and how often should a typical filter be changed?

Faucet Finish

I’m working on making a pool faucet and was wondering which material would be best for outdoors, mild steel brass plated or stainless steel brass plated?
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Chemetall America
Fischer Technology, Inc

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