Mechanical Finishing

Mechanical Finishing

The Mechanical Finishing Zone (also known as Mass Finishing) is a research hot spot for everything you need to know about the processes of edge breaking or surface conditioning of unfixtured workpieces. Read articles and find suppliers of media, buffing, polishing and abrasive blasting at this site-within-a-site. Check out our feature stories, tips from industry experts, and the latest in innovations from world-class suppliers.  

Apple Launches iPhone 7 with New "Rotational 3D Polishing"

Watch Apple chief design officer Jony Ive's video at the event that highlights a new anodized finish demonstrating a polishing called "rotational 3D polishing."

Gardner Business Index: June 2017 — 55.0

Finishing Business Index holds near its five-year high.


Polishing vs. Buffing: What's the Difference?

Q. We’re confused about the term “polishing.” Is this the same as buffing?

How to Eliminate White Chalky Substance from Vibratory Finished Parts

Q. We are getting a white chalky substance left on our aluminum parts after vibratory finishing and it affects the coating adhesion. How do we eliminate this problem?
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Benchmarking a Plating Operation to No. 1

Indiana’s Electro-Spec uses Top Shops data to improve efficiencies.

Abrasive Discs Allow for Stock Removal, Blending in One Step

At Fabtech 2017, Saint-Gobain Abrasives will feature its new Norton Rapid Prep XHD Coarse and Medium discs, designed for aggressive stock removal and blending.

Coolant Fill System Offers Mobility

Dosatron’s mobile coolant fill system includes a roto-molded, 25-gallon coolant concentrate tank, onboard proportioner, simple garden hose, water connection swivel, “no flat” tires, and an easy-fill, gas-nozzle-style valve with a fill hose.