News Briefs

AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings Used on KLM Dreamliner
Amerimold 2016 to Cover Moldmaking in Novi, Michigan
Axalta Coating Systems Presented Daimler Supplier Award
BASF Wins 2015 Nissan Spirit of Monozurkuri Award
Calvary Industries’ Advantech Achieves Caterpillar Class A Pre-Treatment Approvals
Col-Met Annoucnes New Northeast Regional Manager
MetoKote Relocates Performance Test Laboratory
Rösler Preservation Line Joins NASSCO's Shipbuilding Process
Scott Brown Joins American Plating Power as Spare Parts Manager
Sherwin-Williams Achieves Qualicoat Certification
Southern Aluminum Finishing West Awarded 2015 Business of the Year

End of the Line

A Conversation with...Tanya Bolden, Automotive Industry Action Group


American Plating Power opens Mexico branch
Call for Papers for Parts Cleaning Expo 2017
CCAI, PCI Hold Joint 2016 Annual Meeting in Colorado
Dürr Group Holding Grand Opening of Southfield HQ
Dynavac Announces Partnership with Winona PVD Coatings
Lincoln Industries Hosting 'Inspired 2016'
May Go-To Gal: Kally Powell, Production Coordinator, All-Color Powder Coating Inc.
NASF Palmetto Hosting Billy Smith Golf Tournament
National Election Dominates NASF Washington Forum
New England NASF Chapter Hosts Suppliers Night
Plating Shop Owner Richard Taylor Going Strong at 100
PPG Expands Aerospace Coatings Development, Capabilities at UK Facility
Rosenboom Adding In-House Plating Operations
Update: FDA Releases Draft Guidance for Additive Manufacturing of Medical Devices
Update: IDL Precision Talks Purchasing Plating Shop
Vergason Technology Celebrates 30 Years
Waterstone Faucets Honored as Region IX Small Business Exporter of the Year

Exhibits & Display

Advanced Chemical Co.’s Gold Stripper Minimally Affects Alloys
Amariko’s Management Software Streamlines Order Processing
American Plating Power’s MSA Towers Engineered with Modular Design
Anodize USA’s PAS II~III Units Calculate ASF
Asterion’s Technicoat Passivate Produces Blue Finish
Atotech’s Chrome Processes Increase Micro-Crack Counts
Bruker’s M2 Blizzard Analyzes PCBs
Caplugs Features BT100-SH Series of Rubber Blasting Tape
Chemeon’s Coatings Shorten Processing Times
Columbia Chemical’s Process Uses Mixed Sulfate and Chloride Electrolyte
Compex Software Module Integrates Mobile Devices
Corrotec Inc.’s Phosphate Systems Engineered With Automation Configurations
Cougar Electronics Manufactures and Refurbishes Silicon-Controlled Rectifiers
Coventya’s Selective Separation System Prevents Anodic Oxidation
Darrah’s Rectifier Control Reduces Operator Error
De Nora’s Flex-n-Place Mesh Forms Around Complex Geometries
Dow Chemical’s Electrolytic Copper Reduces Deposit Stress
Druseidt’s Contact Saddles Ensure Current Distribution
Duall’s Hydro-Lance Avoids Pump Failures
Dynamic Software’s Management System Customizes Workflow Processes
Eastern Applied Research Inc.’s XRF Analyzer Increases Throughput
EPi’s Non-Cyanide Solution Produces Ductile Copper Deposits
EPSI’s Dual-Flanged Plugs Designed for Quick Installation
Fanta Equipment Co.’s Automated Zinc Line Advances Production Rates
Filter Pump Industries’ Filter Systems Handle Corrosive Chemicals
Fischer Technology’s Fischerscope Measures Thin Coatings
Georg Fischer’s Transmitters and Sensors Recognize Foreign Substances
Global Filtration Systems’ Filtration Systems Resist Corrosive Chemicals
Goad Co.’s Kynar Liners Eliminate Hand Welds
Haviland’s Post-Chromate Sealer Extends Corrosion Resistance
Hubbard-Hall’s Heavy Duty Cleaner Cleans Nonferrous Metals
Hunter Chemical’s Fume Suppressants Help Chrome Platers
Integrated Technologies’ Hoist Design Equipped with Windmill Switches
Jessup’s Drip Tray Eliminates Carry-Over
KraftPowercon’s Rectifiers Minimize Downtime
Luster-On Products’ Zinick II Produces Bright Deposits
MacDermid Enthone Merger Enhances Innovation
Mefiag’s Sethco Filters Constructed with Polypropylene Injection Mold
Metal Chem’s Plating Process Designed for Metallic and Non-Metallic Substrates
Met-Chem Inc. Wastewater System Filters Water for Reuse
Midwest Air Products’ Ultra-Mact Equipment Removes Chrome Mists Provides Unbiased Information on EU REACH Annex XIV
Pavco Inc.’s Ziniloy 302 Formulated for High Ductility
PKG’s Electroplating Line Increases Copper Production
PMD Chemicals’ Nickel Additive Produces Bright Finish
Precious Metal Sales’ Anode Boasts More Surface Area
Price-Walgren Co.’s Hoist Design Reduces Exhausted Air
Rösler’s Mini Drag Machines Include Unload Port
Sethco Pumps Engineered for Different Configurations
Siebec’s Filter Systems Designed with Injected Plastic
Technic’s SBE Eliminates Tin and Nickel Deposits
Titan Metal Fabricators’ Titanium Hose Clamps Resist Salt Water Damage
Tolber’s Miccro Products Available in VOC-Free
Uyemura’s Nanotechnology Process Preserves Metal Brightness
Warco Inc.’s Filtration Line Protects Precious Plating Solutions
Water Innovations’ Recycling System Saves on Deionized Water Costs
Water Star Inc.’s Titanium Anode Structures Reduce Additive Consumption
Witt Lining Systems’ Tank Liner Protects Against Corrosive Environments

New Products

Atotech's Zinni 220 Protects Against Corrosion
Bale's Diamond E.N. Coating Protects Steel and Aluminum
Caplugs' Rubber Resealable Series Installs and Removes Quickly
Druseidt Products Enter American Markets
Elcometer's Salt Profiler Measures Similarly to Bresle Method
Gema's OptiFlex2 F Spray Unit Uses Advanced Pump Technology
GFS Curtain Walls and Dividers Protect Against Industrial Environments
Grieve's No. 946 Cures Coatings on Titanium Screens
Polychem's Diamond Collection Adds Shimmer to Interiors


Electroplating of Carbon Nanotube Yarns and Tapes with Five Metals
Polarization - The 13th William Blum Lecture

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Financial Finish

GBI: Finishing for March 2016—48.4

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