Faraday’s Law Applied to Cleaning
Nanoscale Characterization of Thin Immersion Silver Coatings on Copper Substrates

Exhibits & Display

Absorbent Sponge Materials Ease Surface Coating, Cleaning, Dehydrating
All-thermoplastic Heat Exchangers Provide Even Heat Transfer
Ammonia-free Electroless Nickel Enhances Adhesion on Aluminum, Steel
Anti-tarnish Process Reduces Precious Metal Use for Decorative Products
Charged Aerosol Detector Analyzes Copper Plating Bath Additives
Chrome Layering System Delivers High Corrosion Resistance
Chrome Plating Chemical Answer EPA’s PFOS Ban
Chromium-free Etching Process for Plating on Plastic
Citric Acid Passivation Line Includes as Many as 15 Stations
Cleaner Removes Weld Scale, Carbon Smut, Metalworking Fluids
Coating Extends Auxiliary Anode Life in Hex Chrome Applications
Combined Coagulant, Metal Precipitant Eases Metal Removal from Wastewater
Countersink Pull Plugs Suit Various Hole Sizes
Custom Danglers Use Heavier-gauge Cable for Sturdiness
Decorative, Hard Chrome Technology for a Variety of Industries
Design-build Services Support Project Concept, Management Design
Electroless Nickel Process Offers Stable Plating Rate at Lower Temps, pH
Electroplating Process Performs in Open Air without Organic Vapors
Expanded Production Capacity for Metal Finishing Industry
Filter Reduces Hex Chromium to Trivalent Chromium without Added Chemicals
Gantry Hoist Design Runs Quiet, Provides High Performance
High-purity Nickel Plating Chemicals Benefit from ICP-MS
High-speed Electroless Nickel Process Decreases Dwell Time
High-volume Material Handling System Uses Less Space than Monorail Systems
Immersion Heaters Operate at Safer Temperatures
Industrial Process Timer Suits Wet, Corrosive Environments
Iridium Oxide Mesh Increases Anode Cycle Life
Level Sensors Maintain Accuracy with Vapors, Condensation, Turbulence
Line of Waste Treatment Equipment
Manufacturing Management Software Eases Data Collection on Multiple Devices
Measurement System Eases In-production Plating Bath Analysis
Microfiltration Systems Remove Inorganic, Organic, Heavy Metal Contaminants
Mobile App Eases Calculations for Routine Finishing Tasks
Mobile-compatible ERP Software Improves Production, Delivery Efficiency
Modular Rectifier Maximizes Uptime with Failsafe Functionality
Next-gen Rectifier Gate Drive Enables Remote Control, Real-time Display
Non-chrome Coatings Extend Fastener Product Life
Plant Concept Offers Uniform Surface Treatment for Anodizing, Deburring
Plating Process Accommodates Components as Small as 0.25 Inches
Platinized Titanium Anodes Can Replace Lead Anodes for Longer Anode Life
Pollution Control Products Offer Corrosion Resistance
Portable Meter Suits Rugged Applications, Environments
Process Tank Helps Prevent Leaks with Secondary Containment Setup
PVC Tank Liners Use Teflon Skirt for Added Operating Life
Range of Chemicals for Metal Finishing, Functional Chrome Plating
Range of Finishing Technology Offered
Range of Pure Metal Products, Platinum-plated Anodes
Refurbished Rectifier Power Supplies for Plating Industry
Remote Unit Enables Type II, III Anodizing Regardless of Alloy
Resource Management, Conservation for Automated Finishing Systems
Sealant for Aluminum Alloy Improves Anodized Coating Corrosion Resistance
Self-cleaning Filtration System Eliminates Need for Disassembly
Services Related to ISO 9001 Certification
Sludge Dryer Processes Metal Hydroxide Plating Wastes
Software Eases Rack Configuration, Management of Plating Operations
Surface Treatment Improves Paint Adhesion on PVC, Silicon, Glass
Tarnish Preventative Provides Surface Coating without Current
Thermoplastic Powder Coatings Offer Durability, Flexibility
Turnkey Automatic Plating Machines for Various Industries
Turnkey Barrel Zinc Plating Line Offered
Wastewater Filtration Systems Minimize Environmental Footprint
Wet Fume Scrubbers, Exhaust Blowers Available in Range of Materials
Work Order Software Enables Real-time Management
X-ray Instrument Measures Electroless Nickel Coatings on Various Substrates
Zinc Alloy Deposit Provides Heat, Corrosion Resistance for Brake Calipers
Zinc Nickel Alloy Plating Processes Suit Demanding Application, Parts
Zinc-Nickel Alloy Finishes Meet Need for Hex Chrome Alternatives


Anodyne Received Supplier of the Year from Boeing
C&R Plating Expanding Indiana Plant
DCHN Receives ITAR Registration
Great Lakes Metal receives Chambers County award
'How It's Made' Features Graymills Parts Washer
IHEA Webinar on IR Ovens Now Online
Pavco Offering Solutions For Decorative Hex Chrome Alternatives, General Metal Finishing Chemistries
SUR/FIN Keynotes Highlight Business & Future Challenges
Tabletop Electroplating Machine Hot Item On Kickstarter

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Oven Curing 101
Proper Booth Filtration

News Briefs

AkzoNobel Extends Supplier Partnership with McLaren Racing
Architectural Record Features PPG Coatings in Annual Competition
Axalta Targets ACE Markets
Chemetall Acquires its Chinese Joint Venture Company
Columbia Chemical Launches Mexican Joint Venture
Dow Electronic Materials Develops Etch Ahead of REACH Deadline
Exel North America Appoints Director of Sales
Graco FPE Names Chemline Inc. a Top-20 Distributor
Haviland Products Co. Appoints Inside Sales Specialists
HMG Paints Celebrates 85th Year of Business
MacDermid Approves New Process Applicator
Nordson Asymtek Restructures Americas Sales Team
NSL Appoints Business Development Leader, Northeast US
Omegasonics Launches Rebranded Logo, Website, Tagline
Over 100 Attend Gema USA Industry Partner Symposium
PPG Accredits New Member of Certified Applicator Program
Sherwin-Williams Offers CARC Products for Military Use
Trojan Powder Coating Receives Qualicoat Certification
Walter Surface Technologies Receives Fourth Award from W.W. Grainger

New Products

Adhesion Tester Accommodates Variety of Test Surfaces
Batch Curing Ovens’ Exhaust Handles 5 Lbs Powder per Batch
Brochure Describes Copolymer, Homopolymer Process Tank Technology
Cost Management Software Update Supports Cost Estimation without CAD Model
Improved Cloud-based EHS Platform Enables Chemical Approval Management
Inspection Equipment Catalog Includes Inspection Tips, Standards
Instruments Measure Residual Oil Concentrations on Components
LED System Provides Flexibility for Spot-curing
Low-cure Powder Coat Suits MDF Substrates
Manual Low-pressure Spray Gun Saves on Paint, Compressed Air
Masking Resin Cures on Demand
Portable Spectrophotometer Provides Flexible Interface Options
Powder Coatings Create the Appearance of Anodized Metal
Robotic Grit Blaster Requires Minimal Human Contact
Spray Gun Accommodates Heavy as Well as Lightweight Coatings
Truck Oven for Paint Baking

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By The Numbers: Third Straight Month of Growth

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A Conversation with … Bill Barkeley, Deaf-blind Advocate, Adventurer and Storyteller

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