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Posted on: 11/1/2003

Question: I would like a copy of a “solution curve” for zinc.


I would like a copy of a “solution curve” for zinc. I think that is what you call the curve, with ppm on one axis and pH on the other. Can you point me in a direction? No luck on the web. W.H.


Try turning your web search engine to and type “zinc hydroxide precipitation” in the search field. I did so and obtained a number of good hits, one being a paper from (Maryland Technology Extension Service) on wastewater treatment that does contains the zinc curve, as well as other heavy metals. All of the “solution curves” that I have seen show the minimum dissolved zinc concentration as a metal hydroxide to be around a pH of 8.5, however, since zinc is typically precipitated with other metals, these metals will also impact the best pH for zinc hydroxide precipitation. Hope this helps.


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