Stripping Silver From Copper and Copper Alloys

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Posted on: 5/1/2011

How does one go about stripping silver plate from copper and copper alloys?

 Q. How does one go about stripping silver plate from copper and copper alloys? We find that most of the time the substrate is damaged and the part must be scrapped. P.S.

A.  As any electroplater will tell you, stripping defective plates is always a challenge. The obvious solution to your problem is not to have defective parts. That being said. sometimes even in the best of operations, parts can be defective and must be replated.
The standard procedure for stripping of silver from copper and copper alloys is as follows: 
Component/Temp.  |  Concentration/Operating Range
Sulfuric acid  |  1 L
Nitric Acid  |  50 mL
Temperature  |  140 – 160°F
Parts must be absolutely dry when introduced in the solution and they should be agitated. Sometimes another solution is used which is used as follows:
Component/Temp.  |  Concentration/Operating Range
Potassium iodide  |  250 g
Iodine  |  8 g
Water  |  1 L
Temperature  |  Room
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