A Conversation with … Waasy Boddison, American Plating Power

Waasy Boddison has been a busy man these past two years, running his company and organizing the NASF Sur/Fin show, which kicks off in June in Cleveland.

Waasy Boddison has been a busy man these past two years, running his company and organizing the NASF Sur/Fin show, which kicks off in June in Cleveland. It is the second straight year chairing the Sur/Fin event for Boddison, whose company is recognized around the world as a manufacturer of industrial power supplies. We caught up with Waasy and asked him about his first name, his likes and what’s on his car radio.


PF: How much of your time each week is devoted to working on the SurFin show?

WB: Organizing a show like Sur/Fin involves a lot of planning on my part as well as the entire committee. On average I try and delegate a few hours a week to plan and follow up with the many people who help make this show a success each year. Planning begins the day after a show finishes each year and new ideas are always imperative to keep the level of interest high for all vendors and visitors.


PF:  What’s going to be the highlight at this year’s show?

WB: The biggest highlight of the show is the conference lineup this year, particularly the session on Industry Sustainability. We are pleased to welcome 25 new exhibitors into our Sur/Fin family this year. This shows the tremendous strength Sur/Fin has gained in the last five years.


PF:  What is the hardest part about putting on a show this size?

WB: Presenting a conference program that is appealing to all. Thanks to the coordinated efforts of the TAC, the NASF team and the Sur/Fin committee, I think we will exceed attendees’ expectations.


PF:  How did you get into the finishing business, and how did you become part of American Plating Power?

WB: After college I was fortunate enough to work alongside some great engineers in the motor control business, which in turn led to my partner, Peter van Gorp, and I opening American Plating Power. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me as a result of this show. I believe in giving back, and that is why American Plating Power has been a proud sponsor of Sur/Fin.


PF: Your first name is quite unusual. What are its origins?

WB: My name always seems to be the topic of many conversations. My great-grandfather’s name was Waasy. It is derived from a German doctor whose last name was Waas, and who deliver my great-grandfather when he was born. I am the fourth generation to carry on this name, and my son is the fifth.


PF:  What’s the best piece of advice you were given, either personally or professionally, and who gave it to you?

WB: When I was young, my father said to me, “If you work hard, then everything in life will come.” A strong work ethic was instilled in me at a very young age.


PF:  What was your first job, and what did you learn from it?

WB: I started working for my father at seven during my summers cleaning the deck of his shrimp boat. At 12, I began working on cars after school. One common thing I have learned from all of the jobs I have worked is to always be true to who you are and be honest. Building strong relationships is vital in any work environment.


PF:  What did you want to be when you grew up?

WB: Believe it or not, a doctor.


PF:  If you had $100,000 to give to a charity, which one would it be?

WB: I would definitely give to a charity to help children. Thankfully both of my children were born healthy. My son has had some minor medical issues that have left my wife and I on edge a few times to say the least, but thankfully all is well. The strength that both parents and children who suffer from illness have to possess is amazing. If I had to pick one it would probably be St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital or the Ronald McDonald House.


PF:  What was your first car, and what is your dream car?

WB: My first car was a Toyota pick-up truck. I don’t really have a dream car. 



Get to know Waasy

Family: Wife, Anne, and children Emily and John.

Favorite hobby: Hunting, diving and spear fishing

Favorite book: I cannot say one favorite, but I am currently reading Atlas Shrugged.

What’s playing in your car CD/radio: I have no CDs in the car, only Pandora. Most of the stations are country and rock and roll.

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