Advances in Polymeric Materials for Protective, Decorative, and Functional Films

February 04 - 05, 2013

 The common challenge of reviewing scientific literature can be accelerated by spending a few days with us. If life is as chaotic for you as it is for us, know that you or your colleagues can accelerate your review of the literature and confirm the basics by attending this short course (SC). The course is designed to provide an update on major topics for surface coatings in polymer synthesis, structure property relationships, functionalized surfaces methods and results, define the most recent performance limits for major surface coatings areas, summarize the current status for predictive performance and service life models, summarize current and future methods for corrosion control, high throughput methodologies, specialty techniques for thin film characterization, thin film permeability and gas transmission, functional film applications and toughening of polymer films. The Advances in Polymeric Materials SC in New Orleans is organized to provide 13 lectures in two days delivered by 10 speakers.

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New Orleans, LA