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PUBLISHED: 10/1/2015

Henkel Corp.’s Bonderite Coatings Perform at Reduced Operating Cost

Bonderite M-NT 601 and M-NT 600SW clean and coat simultaneously.

PUBLISHED: 10/1/2015

Mighty Hook’s Custom Cart Maximizes Part Density

Mighty Hook’s custom carts with standard and custom racks are designed to maximize flexibility and part density on the rack.

PUBLISHED: 10/1/2015

LPI Inc.’s Portable PML Series Designed for High-Capacity Lifting

The operator can adjust the working height of the platform to concentrate on the work process, not the strain of lifting.

PUBLISHED: 8/27/2015

Voraforce Technology Offers Sustainability Benefits

Voraforce is an alternative to traditional materials like aluminum, polyester or epoxy.

PUBLISHED: 8/7/2015

Walter Surface Technologies' Surfox Passivation Tester Incorporates Cloud-Based Platforms

The Surfox passivation tester includes a cloud-based app that can be managed with a smartphone.

PUBLISHED: 8/6/2015

Rosler's C-Lock Wheel Improves Blade Changes

The turbine wheel uses centrifugal force to lock blades in place.

PUBLISHED: 8/5/2015

PVDdi-120 Viscometer by Stony Brook Enables Efficiency

PVDdi-120 is used for a number of different applications to measure Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids.

PUBLISHED: 7/29/2015

Non PFOS Mist Suppressants from Electrochemical Products Inc.

E-Mist 7 and E-Mist 9 are designed to remain stable when added to strong oxidizing solutions.

PUBLISHED: 6/18/2015

Software Update Speeds Test Setup

RheocalcT Test Wizard is designed to create a Thix Index test or a curing test to automatically reduce speed at preset torque values.

PUBLISHED: 6/16/2015

Bio-Renewable Cleaner is Formulated for Aluminum and Nonferrous Alloys

CB 100 ALU is a water-based solution that leverages the power of Nature Boost.

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