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PUBLISHED: 9/1/2016

An Anodize Additive with No Cracks or Growth

AlOxidize was developed by an electroplating shop for its customers, and the results have led the shop to offer the proprietary mixture to other shops around the country.

PUBLISHED: 7/3/2014

No-Growth Anodizing?

Florida finisher says it has the key to limited-growth aluminum anodizing.

PUBLISHED: 6/17/2013

Linetec Anodize Finishes Suited for Aluminum

Linetec provides durable finishes for architectural aluminum products, offering a palette of more than 30,000 colors, the ability to match almost any hue in-house and a range of anodize colors that includes copper.

PUBLISHED: 5/9/2011

Dye for Colored and Hard Anodizing

DiamonDyze, on display in the Tech Line Coatings booth at Sur/Fin 2011, is said to be a breakthrough in both colored and hard anodizing, replacing the standard dyes in the process line.

PUBLISHED: 11/17/2010

Copper Anodize Finish

Tubelite Inc.'s copper anodize finish creates a striking visual effect that retains its bright metallic appearance, while extending the environmentally-responsible, low-maintenance benefits of its storefront, curtainwall, entrance and daylight co...

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