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PUBLISHED: 3/22/2016

Rӧsler’s Surf Machine Finishes Complex Geometries

The machine is designed to improve the cost efficiency, stability and repeatability of surface finishing processes for highly valuable and complex components.

PUBLISHED: 3/7/2016

Specialty Plastics’ Filtration Systems Engineered for Versatility

These systems are designed with a filtration area up to 430 ft2 and a filter gage of 0.2 to 100 microns.

PUBLISHED: 3/1/2016

Guyson Corp.’s Blast System Uses Robotic Motion

The system is designed with a turntable inside the blast enclosure that is servomotor-driven and controlled as a seventh axis of robotic motion.

PUBLISHED: 2/12/2016

Weiler’s Bonded Abrasives Line Designed for Cutting and Grinding

The line includes cutting, grinding and combo wheels, available in high performance, performance and value tiers.

PUBLISHED: 1/26/2016

Guyson Corp.’s Robotic Blast System Preps Grit Blast Surface

The finishing chamber of the robotic blasting system is designed with a reinforced vestibule at the rear to house an ABB Robotics IRB-2600 robot.

PUBLISHED: 12/24/2015

United Surface Solutions' Deburring Machine Uses G-Force

This machine is designed for manufacturers serving the aerospace, medical, automotive and jewelry industries.

PUBLISHED: 10/1/2015

sia Abrasives Inc.’s Ceramic-Based Fiber Disc Series Used on Unalloyed and Low-Alloyed Steel

4561 siabite uses a ceramic-based blend of grains to deliver fast results without compromising on quality for low-alloyed steel.

PUBLISHED: 10/1/2015

Blast Cleaning Technologies’ Plate Blast System Designed for Descaling of Plate and Structural Shapes

This system is designed for descaling application of plate and structural shapes.

PUBLISHED: 10/1/2015

Blastman’s Blasting Robots Efficiently Remove Tough Coatings

These robots are always tailored according to the blast chamber and work pieces.

PUBLISHED: 10/1/2015

Transmet Corp.’s ZA4 Zinc Alloy Shop Removes Flash from Light Metal Castings

The durability of the shot is said to result in two-thirds less dust from blasting operations.

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