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PUBLISHED: 5/9/2017

Caplugs RMCP-SH Series Designed for Masking, Sealing

Caplugs’ RMCP-SH series of re-sealable masking cap/plugs is designed to protect a variety of copper inlet and outlet tubes on HVAC compressor units during coating and pressure testing.

PUBLISHED: 5/8/2017

Chromate Conversion Coating Compliments Zinc Nickel Alloy Plating Systems

Luster-On displays its zinc nickel alloy plating system, Luster-On Zinick II. To complement the technology, the company introduces Luster-On TZN, a chromate conversion coating for the zinc nickel alloy.

PUBLISHED: 5/8/2017

Bowman Launches Large Chamber Coating Thickness Measurement Instrument

Bowman, a K Alpha company, introduces the L Series XRF analyzer unit.

PUBLISHED: 5/8/2017

Tri-Mer Process Tanks Prevent Delamination or Embrittlement

Tri-Mer Corp. specializes in 100-percent, copolymer and homopolymer designed to prevent delamination or embrittlement, even with exposure to aggressive chemicals over long periods of time.

PUBLISHED: 5/5/2017

FlexKraft Rectifiers Eliminate Shutdowns with Multiple Outputs

KraftPowercon's FlexKraft rectifiers offer a modular design catered to the electroplating and metal finishing industries.

PUBLISHED: 5/5/2017

Rectifier Control Board Features Fault Monitoring for Enhanced Troubleshooting

Baker Technology Associates introduces a new CPU080 control board for its Q-Series power supply product line of switch-mode rectifiers.

PUBLISHED: 5/5/2017

Black Oxide Finishing System Offers Safe In-House Option

Birchwood Technologies’ BC40 Presto Black finishing system offers manufacturers a low cost and safe entry option for taking black oxide finishing in-house.

PUBLISHED: 5/5/2017

TrueChem Software Simplifies Chemical Analysis, Process Control

TrueLogic’s inventory and dashboard modules are popular add-ons to TrueChem.

PUBLISHED: 5/4/2017

High-Current Distribution Solutions for Plating Now Available from Intercon Enterprises

Druseidt electroplating products from Germany are now available in the U.S. through Intercon Enterprises.

PUBLISHED: 5/4/2017

Atotech’s Silver Zinc Flake Base Coat Eliminates Need for Second Layer

Zintek One, Atotech’s silver inorganic zinc flake base coat, is designed to offer reliable corrosion protection with only a single layer.

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