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PUBLISHED: 9/1/2016

New Elcometer 135c Bresle Test Patches

Measuring the level of soluble salts on uncoated surfaces is now easier than ever before

PUBLISHED: 8/8/2016

PPG highlights trailer and intermodal coatings in new brochure

Features its full line of trailer and intermodal transportation coatings, including Spectracron and Aquacron liquid coatings, Powercron electrocoat, Environcron powder coatings, and a variety of corrosion-fighting pretreatment and engineered produc...

PUBLISHED: 5/1/2016

Axalta Primers Provide Strength and Performance

These primers are designed to deliver a smooth and glossy surface with virtually no imperfections.

PUBLISHED: 3/1/2016

Electro-Steam’s Cleaning System Eliminates Excess Water Usage

This system can be used for different applications, including conversion coating for iron phosphating metal, zirconium or being used in conjunction.

PUBLISHED: 12/10/2015

PPG's Cleaner Eliminates Rust and Mill Scale

Worker-safe, environment-friendly alternative to grinding, sanding, blasting, chemicals.

PUBLISHED: 10/1/2015

Crest Chemicals Inc.’s Crest PPC-74 Pretreatment Developed with Wetting Agents

Crest PPC-74 is produced as a concentrated granular powder that is easily soluble in water.

PUBLISHED: 9/21/2015

Dura-Ink WashAway Removed Without Residue

This compact ink marker dries fast and requires no special cleaners to remove.

PUBLISHED: 8/12/2015

EPI's E-Kleen SR-AE Brightens Steel Parts

The E-Kleen SR-AE is designed to remove carbon smut.

PUBLISHED: 3/30/2015

Single-, Multiple-stage Washers for Liquid, Powder Finish Preparation

Pneu-Mech Systems manufactures custom single- and multiple-stage surface preparation washers are designed to work with the customer’s production, finishing and footprint requirements.

PUBLISHED: 3/18/2015

Pretreatment Handles Mill Scale, Laser Scale, Welds on Inconsistent Metals

DuBois’ phosphate-free PACRE pretreatment process is designed as an alternative to zirconium processes that are often not powerful enough to handle the mill scale, laser scale and welds found on many assemblies.

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