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For more than 65 years, Caplugs has been the leader in product protection with innovative parts that solve industry-wide challenges.

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Top Surface Finishing Innovations of 2016
We look back at the industry’s top new products and services for the past year.

Caplugs Masking Cap/Plugs

Caplugs Resealable Masking Cap/Plugs
Caplugs’ RMCP-SH series of resealable masking cap/plugs is designed to protect a variety of copper inlet and outlet tubes on HVAC compressor units during coating and pressure testing.

Caplugs' Rubber Resealable Series Installs and Removes Quickly
Molded from durable styrene butadiene rubber, the plug reseals itself after any nitrogen charging that may occur during shipping.

Caplugs Features BT100-SH Series of Rubber Blasting Tape
Caplugs’ BT100-SH protective masking tape series is designed for plastic media blast, dry strip paint removal and other shot-peen processes.

Caplugs’ Plug Series Reseals after Nitrogen Charging
The plug is engineered to reseal itself after any nitrogen charging that may occur during shipping.

Caplugs Introduces Simpler Two-Piece Washer Pull Plug
This two-piece washer pull plug is engineered for two-step installation.

Caplug's Rubber Masking Cap-Plugs Protect Copper Tubes
These cap-plugs are designed to work as both a masking and sealing part.

Caplugs’ WBD-SH Series Protects Materials
These discs are designed for easy application and removal without leaving residue behind.

Caplugs’ AIR-SH Series Protects Aircraft Windows
The AIR-SH Series forms an impenetrable barrier around the entire window assembly.

Caplugs, Pipe Thread Mask

Caplug’s Pipe Thread Masks Protect Piping and Tubing
Designed with a tear-away venting nipple, these cap-plugs enable pressure release during the curing process.

Pipe Thread Mask cap plugs

Masking Cap Plug Protects Piping, Tubing Threads
Caplugs has developed Pipe Thread Mask (PTM) series of masking cap plugs to protect threads on piping and tubing.

Caplugs RMCP series

Cap Plugs Reseal after Nitrogen Injection/Charging
Caplugs’ Rubber Masking Cap-Plug (RMCP) series is designed to mask standard-size copper inlet/outlet tubes on HVAC compressor units.

Caplugs Reference Guide Matches Mask to Thread Size
Caplugs offers a detailed reference guide that lists all the Shercon masking parts to fit a particular thread size.

Caplugs TS Series Silicone Mask/Plug

Tapered Silicone Masking Device Functions as Cap or Plug
Caplugs' silicone tapered masking part can be used as a cap or plug.


Stretchable Covers
Caplugs offers the CSC Series, a new line of clear stretchable covers commonly known as shower caps.

Silicone Rubber Plugs for Powder Coating
Caplugs’ durable SPP Series of rubber pull plugs are designed to protect and mask parts undergoing painting, plating, powder coating, anodizing or exposed to temperatures up to 600°F.

High-Temp Polyester Masking Discs
Caplugs offers a full line of polyester masking discs available in two different options depending on curing temperatures.

Threaded Vinyl Plugs
A new line of injection-molded vinyl tapered and threaded plugs combine the detailed design of injection-molded plastic and the soft pliable nature of vinyl, acordin gto developer Caplugs.

High Temp Masking
Designed to mask fittings during high temperature finishing processes such as powder coating, E-coating, plating, and more, the HJS series is part of Caplugs’ Flex500PLUS line of products designed to withstand temperatures up to and beyond 500° F.

Product Categories of Caplugs

Masking Caps, Discs, Plugs
Masking Devices, spray painting
Masking, customized
Masks, plating
Masks, solder dip
Racks, plating, painting and anodizing
Tape, masking for plating and painting