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Elsyca PlatingManager Software Provides Platform for Production Simulations
This software is designed to enable efficient management of electroplating processes.

Software Simulates Plating Process and Performance
The software is designed to improve production quality, reduce time-to-market and defend production choices and pricing strategies to clients.

Software Eases Rack Configuration, Management of Plating Operations
PlatingManager software enables users to set up a rack configuration within 30 minutes.

CAD Software Evaluates Electroplating Processes
Elsyca – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 539

Elsyca Analysis Tool Identifies Potential Plating Issues
Elsyca’s Design Plateability Analysis tool is designed to pin-point areas on parts to be plated that may present problems related to layer thickness or quality of the deposit.

Elsyca Turbine Blade Tooling
Elsyca will present its high-performance turbine blade tooling, which is designed to decrease plating time and eliminate metal wastage.

Electroplating Simulation Suitable for Automotives
Elsyca’s PlatingMaster, a 3D software program for electroplating simulation, is suitable for plating on plastics in the automotive industry.

Simulation Software Predicts Metal Corrosion Risks
Elsyca’s GalvanicMaster simulation software tool is designed to predict galvanic corrosion risk zones and corrosion rates on complex metal assemblies.

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Taking the Guesswork Out of E-coat
Fast, accurate simulation of E-coat paint processes.

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Consultants, independent, paint pretreatment
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