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  • Plug’s Spiral Threads Match Holes for Masking

    In response to input saying that regular silicone plugs do not seal out liquids well enough for plating, anodizing and e-coating, EPSI offers its Liqui-Tite plug with spiral threads to match holes that are being masked.

  • Plotter Cutter Provides Customizable Masking

    EPSI – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 120

  • Tabs Ease Masking Disc Placment

    AW12 green polyester masking discs from EPSI are made from a polyester film that has been coated with a single layer of a pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive.

  • EPSI Adds to U.S. Sales Team

    The masking provider has added three new members to its sales force.

  • EPSI Adds to Sales Team, Opens German Office

  • EPSI Adds to Sales Team

    EPSI has added Greg Gormley and Zak Buth to its sales team, with responsibility for the company’s business in the Northwest and Midwest United States, respectively.

  • Triple-Push Plug for Threaded Holes

    EPSI will highlight its new TPP triple-push plugs, which are begin tested in the marketplace as an alternative to its FLPS flangeless plugs and BTM blind-hole thread mask plugs.

  • EPSI Plotter Creates Custom Masking Die Cuts

    EPSI Masking uses a plotter and plotter software to create custom surface-protecting die cuts, without the cost of hard, rotary die tooling.

  • EPSI Masking Silicone Modular Masking Parts

    EPSI Masking will showcase its new SMS silicone modular masking parts, which are designed to eliminate “pop-out” from pressure buildup and rejected parts.

  • Plugs Mask Through, Blind Holes

    EPSI’s masking plugs are designed to mask both tapped through and blind M12 threads.

  • Teflon Dot Increases Finish Quality, Decreases Masking Times

    The design of the Teflon magnetic dot drastically increases finish quality and consistency while decreasing overall masking application/removal times and provides a low-volume solution with no tooling required, according to distributor EPSI.

  • Masking for Threads and Weld Nuts

  • High Temp Masking Tape

    EPSI’s new high temp polyester tape, Ultra Orange, is designed to handle 430°F for 45 min with no shrinkage or residue.

  • Engineered Products & Services

    EPSI, manufacturer of masking and custom rubber products and hanging systems, will exhibit its new Magnetic Teflon Dot Mask.

  • Plating Rectifiers

    Today’s rectifier operates on the same principles used for decades.

  • Masking

    Featuring caps, discs, plugs and more...

  • Discs

    Wishbone green polyester discs are rapidly becoming the discs of choice for general purpose     powder coating applications.

  • Technical Reference Guide

    This literature has been created as an easy-to-use yet comprehensive guide when selecting masking and hanging products.

  • Masking Discs

    Patented Wishbone Disks feature a center pull-tab design that is said to allow users to easily find and remove discs obscured by painting or powder coating.

  • EPSI

    The company will be featuring two new products: Wishbone Dots--a patented masking discs with pull up tabs for easy placement and removal that allow powder coaters to realize labor cost savings associated with masking part surfaces.


Contact Information

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A Special Message from EPSI

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Masking & Hanging Solutions!

EPSI is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of masking products and hanging systems. From caps, plugs and stoppers to hanging and racking systems we have a product to meet all of our customers finishing needs. Our employees are service and quality orientated and shares the responsibility for precise manufacturing and order processing of every product shipped from our facility. EPSI team members are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. In addition to providing the highest quality products, EPSI offers them at very competitive prices. Our dedication to product design, product quality and customer satisfaction means that you can continue to rely on us for all of your finishing needs far into the future. For more details on our entire range of product offerings click on the following links:

Product Categories of EPSI

  • Magnetic Paint Racks
  • Masking Caps, Discs, Plugs
  • Masking Devices, spray painting
  • Masks, plating
  • Masks, solder dip
  • Paint, touch-up
  • Racks, plating, painting and anodizing
  • Tape, masking for plating and painting

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