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  • Air Nozzle Resists Corrosion, High Temperatures

    Exair's 1” High Power Stainless Steel Flat Super Air Nozzle produces a flat 1" (25-mm) wide airstream with a blowing force of 16 ounces (462 g) when mounted 12" (305 mm) from the target.

  • Expanded Sizes of Digital Monitors Available

    Exair introduces the addition of six new sizes to its line of Digital Flowmeters that measure consumption and identify trends at all of the critical areas or individual legs of a compressed air system.

  • Air Nozzle Assures Non-Marring Precision

    Exair’s Peek Pico Super Air Nozzle is designed to produce small, precise blowoffs with an efficient, high-volume, high-velocity airflow using a tiny air nozzle.

  • Knives Cover Wider Spans, Provides Seamless Airflow

    Exair expands its Long Super Air Knives line to include a maximum length of 108" (2,743 mm) and is now manufacturing all knives 60" (1,524 mm) or longer in a one-piece construction.

  • Exair External-Mix Spray Nozzles Offer Precise Liquid Flow

    Exair’s external-mix spray nozzles combine liquid and compressed air to atomize fluids in a range of spray patterns for a variety of applications, including coating and painting.

  • Exair Static Eliminator Neutralizes, Cleans Wide Surfaces

    Exair’s 54-inch Super Ion Air Knife neutralizes static electricity while blowing away dust and particulates from printed surfaces, paper, plastics and three-dimensional shapes.

  • Reversible Drum Vac Fills, Empties with Turn of a Knob

    Exair’s Premium Reversible Drum Vac system uses compressed-air to quickly fill its drum and then, by simply turning a knob, uses the same stainless steel vacuum pump to quickly empty it.

  • Nozzle Delivers Precise Blowoff

    Exair’s Atto Super Air Nozzle is designed to deliver small, precise blowoff with an efficient, high-volume, high-velocity airflow.

  • Atomizing Spray Nozzles Coat, Cool, Treat and Paint

    Exair's new atomizing spray nozzles are internal mix nozzles that atomize fluids in a range of spray patterns for a variety of uses.

  • High Temp Air Amplifier

    Exair’s new High Temperature Air Amplifier is designed to offer a simple, low cost way to move high volumes of hot air to surfaces requiring uniform heating while in a furnace or oven.

  • Large Super Air Nozzle

    Exair's 3/4 NPT stainless steel Super Air Nozzle delivers 4.5 lbs of strong blowing force for blowoff, cooling and drying applications.

  • Single Super Air Nozzle has the Force of 30 Nozzles

    Exair's large super air nozzle is designed to maximize entrained airflow and force while reducing compressed air use and noise, the company says.

  • Air Knife Provides Superior Corrosion Resistance

    Exair’s super air knife made of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) provides a laminar curtain of air that can be used to blow off, clean, and dry in highly corrosive environments.

  • Static Eliminating Blowoff Station

    Exair’s new static eliminating blowoff station is designed to deliver a concentrated flow of ionized air to remove dust and other contaminants from a charged surface.

  • Long Air Knives with Laminar Flow for Blow-Off

    Exair’s new long super air knives produce a laminar sheet of airflow to blow off, dry or cool surfaces up to 96 inches wide.

  • Long Air Knives Use Laminar Flow for Blow-Off

    Exair’s new long super air knives produce a laminar sheet of airflow to blow off, dry or cool surfaces up to 96 inches wide.

  • Blowoff and Cooling Products Catalog

    Exair's new catalog 23 is a full-color, technical guide offering solutions to common industrial cooling, drying, conveying, blowoff, cleaning and static electricity problems.

  • 360° Static Discharge and Cleaning

    Exair's new Super Ion air wipe provides a uniform 360° ionized air stream that clamps around a continuously moving part to eliminate static electricity and contaminants such as dust, particulates and shocks on pipe, cable, extruded shapes, hose, wire and more.

  • Adjustable Flat Air Nozzle

    Exair's new 2-inch High Power Super Air Nozzle produces a flat 2-inch wide airstream with a strong blowing force of 2.2 pounds when mounted 12 inches from the target.

  • Air Nozzle Cluster

    The Super Air Nozzle Clusters is designed to provide extremely high blowing force suitable for long distance, wide area blowoff, drying and cooling applications.

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