Flo King Filter Systems

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Flo King
Flo King will exhibit in-tank, four-in-one systems that pump, filter, agitate and carbon treat plating, anodizing, printed circuit, low-sludging iron phosphate and associated metal-finishing solutions.

Oil-Absorption Bag
New oil-absorption bags are filled with a porous polypropylene fiber that acts like an oil magnet.

Hand-Pressurized Pump
PumpAll is said to be a durable, long-lasting, hand-pressurized pump for dispensing liquid chemicals used in metal finishing and associated operations.

Flo King Filter Systems
615 The company will be displaying the PumpAll, which is a hand pressurized pump for dispensing liquid chemicals in metal finishing and associated operations.

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Preparing for the Millennium
The Plating Department at the Corpus Christi Army Depot designed a new finishing facility to help it meet new environmental regulations...

Product Categories of Flo King Filter Systems

Carbon, activated
Filter Media for Liquids: bags, cartridges and rolls
Filtration Equipment, solution
Pumps for Chemical Service