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  • Fostoria Portable IR Banks for Paint/Powder Cure

    The Fostoria Process Equipment Division provides a complete series of portable infrared oven banks for in-line use at specified locations in paint and powder operations.

  • Fostoria’s Modular Curing Ovens

    Fostoria offers more than 100 standard modular ovens, all with a variety of options to fit the application.

  • Modular Batch Ovens, Spray Booths Lowers Equipment Cost

    Fostoria Process Equipment Division of TPI Corp. offers a line of modular batch powder curing ovens and modular powder application spray booths.

  • Modular Batch Curing Ovens Offer Flexible Burner Locations

    Fostoria Process Equipment Division of TPI manufactures a complete line of modular batch curing ovens.

  • Line of Modular Spray Booths and Curing Ovens

    Fosteria offers its complete line of modular powder and paint application spray booths as well as modular batch curing ovens.

  • Infrared Curing: Evaluating the characteristics of IR energy

    Infrared (IR) energy can be used as a source of heat to cure a variety of industrial coatings. Such infrared curing applies energy to the coated part surface by direct transmission from an IR emitter, which can provide source temperatures of anywhere from 500 to 4,200°F

  • Fostoria Modular Powder Spray Booths

    The Fostoria Process Equipment division of TPI will feature a complete line of modular powder spray booths as well as its modular batch ovens.

  • Fostoria Modular Powder Spray Booths

  • Fostoria Modular Batch Ovens Cure Powder

    Fostoria offers a modular batch curing oven designed specifically for powder coating operations.

  • Fostoria Modular Paint, Powder Finishing Systems

    Fostoria will display its complete line of modular paint and powder finishing equipment, including batch ovens, spray booths, washer systems and cleaning stations.

  • Fostoria Infrared Oven Can Serve as Booster for Convection Oven

    Fostoria Industries’ electric infrared oven systems can gel and completely cure powder on metal parts and often are used as a booster prior to use of a convection oven to speed overall curing times, reduce the time required in the convection oven and cut the total energy required to complete the curing cycle, the company says.

  • Co-Cure to the Rescue For A-Coat and Powder Coating

    Henkel’s autodeposition protection technology is an alternative vehicle coating, as Android hopes to produce 9,000 vehicles this year for Florida-based Vehicle Production Group.

  • Oven Banks Combine Infrared Heat, Portability

    Fostoria’s electric infrared banks combine the advantages of electric infrared heat with modular and portable design.

  • Infrared Heat Banks are Portable, Customizable

    Fostoria’s portable electric infrared banks combine the advantages of electric infrared with modular and portable design.

  • Portable Infrared Heat Banks

    Fostoria’s new line of portable electric infrared heat banks combines the advantages of electric infrared with a modular and portable design, to create the flexibility needed in many finishing operations. Units can be wheeled up to the product to provide water dry-off, boost of powders and wet coatings, or complete cures of paints and powders.

  • Fostoria Industries Inc.

    Fostoria Industries Inc. is featuring its newly designed Durabake Portable Electric Infrared Heater Banks for temporary or permanent application of IR for many finishing operations, including: total cure, pre or post booster, water dry off, or for testing of new finishes and methods of curing.

  • Fostoria Industries

    Fostoria, a company providing oven systems for paint and powder finishing lines, will display its infrared demo oven in operation at Fin-X.

  • Curing Systems

    Brochure highlights various curing systems for coatings including powder coating systems, IR Advantages and liquid paint finishes, systems for special applications, and adhesives.

Fostoria Process Equipment Div. of TPI Corp.

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Please visit: Fostoria Process Equipment Div. of TPI Corp.

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PO Box 4973
Johnson City, TN 37602 US

Phone: 423-477-4131
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A Special Message from Fostoria Process Equipment Div. of TPI Corp.

Visit our website to learn more about our curing technology!

Process Heating Ovens!

Fostoria Industries is a long recognized leader in paint and powder finishing, and in fact, as early as 1940, Fostoria was providing some of the initial curing ovens for Ford Motor Co. This history and our continuous involvement in finishing applications, has provided us with knowledge and experience in all sales, engineering and manufacturing disciplines. Fostoria Industries, Inc., ideally situated in NW Ohio, is close to many of the major markets and customers we serve. We have 156,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space, 135 employees, and a considerable amount of state-of-the-art machinery and software dedicated to producing high quality oven systems and controls for the finishing industries. Our core systems include: Electric and Gas Infrared Ovens (all IR wave lengths), High Velocity Hot Air Impingement Ovens, Conventional Convection Ovens, Material Handling, and complete controls capabilities, including full time programming. In addition, Fostoria has developed a new refractory board design that is ideal for many of the powder coating and higher temperature applications - - a design that can provide much higher temperatures, yet requires much less maintenance. Our Application Sales Engineers are available to assist you with your finishing requirements, and our large testing lab is always available to you for free testing.

Product Categories of Fostoria Process Equipment Div. of TPI Corp.

  • Curing Equipment, Ultraviolet (UV) & Electron Beam (EB)
  • Finishing Systems, paint, porcelain enamel, powder, conveyorized
  • Infrared Heaters, electric
  • Infrared Heaters, gas
  • Ovens, convection
  • Ovens, high-velocity
  • Ovens, infrared
  • Paint-Curing Equipment, ultraviolet (UV) and electron-beam (EB)
  • Painting Equipment
  • Spray Booths, paint and powder coating

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