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KraftPowercon, Inc.

Contact Information

Please visit: KraftPowercon, Inc.

Mailing Address:
38 Duka Avenue
Fairfield, CT 06825 US

Phone: 475-422-9444

A Special Message from KraftPowercon, Inc.

KraftPowercon, Inc. at a Glance

Meet the FlexKraft

Plating shops and process plants can be tough places to operate in. The FlexKraft is specifically designed to deliver reliable power at max load in harsh industrial environments.

The FlexKraft is a customizable switch mode power supply available in both Air and Water cooled options. With a wide output range of 0-60V and up to 24,000A, the FlexKraft is suitable for all plating processes, including ripple sensitive applications. With an efficiency near 90%, a power factor of ≥93%, and small footprint, the FlexKraft is a key component in optimizing the efficiency and functionality of any plating shop.

Main Features:

  • Modular Design - allows the unit to be self-serviced
  • Energy Savings - offers near 90% efficiency across the output range
  • Improved Uptime - designed for 24/7 max load operation
  • Improved Output Quality - guarantees <2% ripple across the entire range. Below 1% ripple under most load conditions
  • DUAL Output Capability - multiple individually controlled outputs (powering multiple tanks) integrated in one stack
  • Multiple Control Options - local, PLC, and remote contol options available. Remote control options include:
    • Digital, Analogue, and Touch Panel
  • Local & Global Service - local service center in Fairfield, CT. and service partners across the US - We Won't Let You Down

The Long Wait is Over

Lead time is now only 1-6 weeks! At KraftPowercon, Inc. we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best service possible. With customer's needs in mind we have reduced our lead time for our customzied FlexKraft Switch Mode solution to only 1-6 weeks on most orders.

Company Profile

KraftPowercon, Inc. is proud to announce the opening of its first United States office located in Fairfield, Connecticut. KraftPowercon provides high quality and highly reliable industrial DC power supplies across many industries.


Our modular designed FlexKraft unit utilizes state of the art technology and ensures a safe and highly efficient solution with minimal costly downtime. The high efficiency of our FlexKraft unit reduces energy consumption, provides a self-serviceable solution, and saves our customers money, allowing them to be more competitive within their industry.


With offices in the United States, Sweden, India, China, South Korea, and the U.K., KraftPowercon has a global presence - with one mutual promise: We won't let you down.


This global reach allows us to provide constant support for our customers, offering 24/7 post sales services including:

  • Support - phone support, trouble shooting assistance
  • Field Service - commissioning, trouble shooting, and on-site repair
  • Preventative Maintenance - system inspection, maintenance programs
  • Spare Parts & Upgrades - spare parts, backup power and control options, power upgrades, software updates
  • Service Contract - extended warranty, life cycle service, customized services

Product Categories of KraftPowercon, Inc.

  • Barrel Plating Equipment
  • Current Controls
  • Plating and Anodizing Equipment
  • Plating Processes for Plastics
  • Plating Processes, chromium
  • Printed Circuit Board Processing Equipment
  • Programmable Controllers
  • Pulse Plating Power Supplies
  • Rectifiers
  • Testing Laboratories, independent, electroplating
  • Used Equipment

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