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Minimizing Frequency of OSHA Inspections
A safety program goes a long way to reduce accidents, worker complaints and violations, and to comply with OSHA regulations—all of which should lead to a reduced need for OSHA to inspect your facility.
Ask an Expert Published: 3/27/2014
Proper Metal Temperature for Application
What are both the ideal and the maximum surface temperature metal should be when applying powder?
Ask an Expert Published: 3/24/2014
Take Employee Complaints Seriously
When complaints are ignored by the employer, the worker often complains to EPA or OSHA, or, worse, an accident occurs.
Ask an Expert Published: 3/20/2014
Rust on Steel Chairs
Patio chairs that were sandblasted, zinc-primed and powder coated about one year ago have started to rust in the area where the expanded metal seat fits into the formed frame. What went wrong in the original process, and how can we fix this problem?
Ask an Expert Published: 3/17/2014
Color Variation with Metallic Powder
Why are color and appearance so inconsistent with metalic powders on sheet metal?
Ask an Expert Published: 3/4/2014
Low-Temperature Zinc Phosphate
Can you give me any advice on lower-temperature zinc phosphate pretreatment products I can use before powder coating steel?
Ask an Expert Published: 2/25/2014
Preparation of Stainless Steel for Powder Coating
Should type 316 stainless steel castings be sandblasted before powder coating, or can they be chemically etched? Should the parts be pre-heated in an oven before coating?
Ask an Expert Published: 2/4/2014
Reworking a Powder Finish
How can we rework scratches or other surface imperfections in a powder-coated finish?
Ask an Expert Published: 1/31/2014
Film Build Control
Are you aware of any standards on powder coating film thickness on complex structures?
Ask an Expert Published: 1/30/2014
Powder over Anodized Aluminum
What might be causing the powder coating to chip off anodized extrusions?
Ask an Expert Published: 1/28/2014

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