Cleanup of Organics



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Q: How does one go about using potassium permanganate to clean up the organics in a nickel sulfamate plating tank? C. J.


A: The classic method for removing organics in a nickel plating solution is oxidizing using hydrogen peroxide and than treating with carbon. Potassium permanganate is also an oxidizing agent similar to hydrogen peroxide and works in the same manner. The process is very much the same as when using hydrogen peroxide. The problem of organic buildups seems to be more prevalent in the sulfamate plating bath then in the classic Watts bath.

Start the process in the same manner as you do in the peroxide treatment. After raising the pH instead of adding the peroxide, add five–six ounces per hundred gallons of potassium permanganate dissolved in water. The plating bath must be kept at a hot temperature for least 2–3 hours. Add carbon to the hot bath very carefully (some gassing and bubbling may take place). Stir the bath for 5–10 minutes and then carefully filter the plating solution back to the plating tank. After completion of the filtration step, check your bath chemistry and adjust if needed.


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