Clemco Opens New Sample Processing and R&D Lab

Appears in Print as: 'Clemco Lab Equipped for Abrasive Blasting Research'

Clemco’s new sample processing and R&D lab is equipped to tackle cutting-edge issues in abrasive blasting, from its new machines to its experienced lab manager Lucas Cahill.


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A photo of Clemco lab manager Lucas Cahill in the company's new 4,500 square foot facility
Clemco lab manager Lucas Cahill in the company’s new facility. Photo Credit: Clemco

Clemco (Washington, Mo.) opened its new 4,500-square-foot sample processing and R&D lab in February of 2020. The new facility more than doubles the size of the old facility, holds 13 machines instead of the old lab’s six and uses four industrial dust collectors. The expanded facility reflects the growth of Clemco’s business and its dedication to state-of-the-art sample processing and groundbreaking research and development for the abrasive blasting industry.

Expanded Sample Processing Capabilities

The new lab’s sample-processing capabilities allow it to more accurately simulate a wide range of industrial blasting applications. After a customer sends part samples and details about the end results desired and their current process, the lab replicates the conditions of the customer’s facility and researches solutions. The lab then recommends the best equipment, media, and process required to solve the customer’s blasting needs. Recommendations could range from modifications to the customer’s current facility or process, purchase of standard or modified Clemco equipment, or a consultation with Clemco Engineering about custom-designing equipment for the customer. This service is free of charge to Clemco customers.

Industry-Leading Research and Development

We live in an information age, and Clemco is committed to being the recognized source of information for the abrasive blasting industry. To this end, the new lab researches methods of enhancing equipment efficiency and productivity while improving equipment and safety equipment quality.

Lab manager Lucas Cahill, who has worked for Clemco for 15 years, has experience working in both welding’s industrial and experimental sides: as a teenager and journeyman welder, he worked on his family’s demolition derby hot rods. Cahill has managed Clemco’s labs for five years, succeeding Herb Tobben.