Coronavirus Response in Manufacturing: Haviland Enterprises

In response to the coronavirus crisis, Haviland has delivered its first batch of 500 gallons of hand sanitizer at no charge for groups within its local community (re)filling pump or squeeze-style sanitizer dispensers.
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Source | Haviland

Industrial chemical supplier Haviland Enterprises (Grand Rapids, Mich.) has shifted its focus during the coronavirus (or COVID-19) pandemic to the production of hand sanitizer to help address shortages.

According to Haviland, production of hand sanitizer was made possible through collaboration with members of the Michigan Brewer’s Guild, including Arbor Brewing Company. Numerous distillers responded to the demand for sanitizers by repurposing their equipment and expertise to manufacture the alcohol needed to formulate the products.

During the week of March 24, Haviland worked to produce hand sanitizer in bulk 5 gallon pails at no charge for groups within its local community, (re)filling pump or squeeze-style sanitizer dispensers. The company delivered 500 gallons of the much-needed product in its first batch, and efforts continue.

“There is an urgent and critical need in the community and Haviland is in a pretty unique position to try and fill a portion of that void because of the product that we produce, the inventory we have on hand and the equipment we have available,’’ says Meg Post, vice president of finance for Haviland.

Haviland has posted a COVID-19 page with updates and resources for its customers and the community.