Grieve's Electric Shelf Oven Dries Medical Equipment

Grieve’s No. 881 is a 250°F electric shelf oven designed to dry water from medical equipment.
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Grieve’s No. 881 is a 250°F electric shelf designed to dry water from medical equipment. With workspace dimensions of 68 × 30 × 66, it features 12 kW installed in Nichrome wire elements heat the workspace, while a 1,000-cfm, 1-hp recirculating blower provides horizontal airflow across the workload.

The oven features an aluminized steel exterior; a Type 304, 2B-finish stainless steel interior; a disposable fresh-air filter; a 20 × 60 double-pane Lexan window in each door; and an interior oven light. It also includes a 325-cfm forced exhauster; digital temperature controller; manual reset, excess-temperature controller with separate heating-element control contactors; and a recirculating blower airflow safety switch.





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