Waterborne Combo System for Filtration, Breathable Air From Martech Services

Martech Services offers Model 50-WB, a combo system that provides breathable air and dry, clean air for use in spraying waterborne or solvent-based paint.


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Martech Combo System Model 50-WB

Waterborne paints are becoming more popular, and some places even require them. Quality application depends on clean and dry compressed, sprayable air, so proper filtration is essential. So are dew point and relative humidity control.

Model 50-WB from Martech Services Company is designed to work with existing compressed air sources to filter and monitor compressed air for grade-D breathable air. It is also designed to provide clean and dry air for use in spraying waterborne or solvent-based paints. The Model 50-WB is designed to process up to 50 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) of breathable air or 35 SCFM of ultra-clean and ultra-dry air. The company states that it complies with OSHA regulations for proper air-supplied respiratory protection.

According to Martech, up to two painters can use the system at a time. An 80 SCFM model is also available. Martech says that the Model 50 series has all the features of a quality air breathing system, plus the ability to control dew point and relative humidity, making it a complete combo system.

Martech Services Company | 1-800-831-1525 | www.breathingsystems.com

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