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Posted on: 8/1/2004

Question: We are a pre-engineered building system manufacturer in the Middle East.


We are a pre-engineered building system manufacturer in the Middle East. We paint various sizes of I- beams. At present, we are painting manually, and we would like to change over to an automatic spray paint system.

First, since we have a space constraint, what kind of conveyor system do you suggest (overhead/ground)? Second, what are the critical factors I should look for in evaluating the different suppliers? Third, since we use various kinds of multi-coat paint systems, are there any special questions I should ask the supplier to avoid sagging and other paint defects? Finally, are there any suppliers who are known for supplying such a spray paint line to a pre-engineered building manufacturers? G. K.


Unless you have unusually heavy products, I suggest using an overhead conveyor.

Some critical factors to consider in evaluating candidate suppliers are: a) Has he supplied paint lines for your type of products? b) Is he close enough to your facility to provide service?

You must provide candidate suppliers with specifications showing what finish requirements you expect on your product.

It is my practice not to recommend paint and equipment suppliers. For your convenience, equipment suppliers are listed on pages 354 to 358 of the Products Finishing 2004 Directory & Technology Guide or visit PF Online (


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