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Posted on: 11/1/2000

Question: My new process development lab director is in search of software.


My new process development lab director is in search of software. Where can we look to find software that will assist a process developer in such a way that he can find specific information on what chemistry is used for certain types of applications? B.D.


I am not aware of a program that will do specifically what you are requesting. There are some software programs that will allow you to perform “what if” scenarios once you have a specific process or processes in mind. One example can be found at the National Metal Finishing Resource Center (NMFRC) web site, You need to be an NMFRC member to use this service, although I believe the cost is minimal. This will allow you to explore the effect of different process parameters on things such as overflow rates and discharge to the wastewater treatment system.

For fear of sounding old, there is no substitute for experience and basic education. In order to specify a process and specific process chemistry, there needs to be some understanding of the incoming work and the outgoing requirements (for example, aesthetically pleasing, corrosion resistance, surface hardness, etc.). The American Electroplater’s and Surface Finisher’s Society (AESF) offers several educational programs, some of which are geared to a broad-based education in many different types of surface finishing processes. After taking a course, a person will be better able to recognize the basic type of process needed.

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