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Posted on: 9/7/2011

NACE International and the Powder Coating Institute host the 2011 NAICS in Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 4 - 6. The event promises top-of-the-line programming and an exciting show floor.


Cincinnati, Ohio

The 2011 NAICS will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 4 - 6.

Following the success of NAI 2010, NACE International and the Powder Coating Institute (PCI) will host The 2011 North American Industrial Coating Show in Cincinnati, Ohio. This year’s conference and exhibition is poised to be the largest event in North America dedicated exclusively to liquid and powder coating technologies.

Visit the NAI Coating Show website for complete details:


Powder Coatings I
Introduction to Powder Coatings
Advanced Powder Coatings
Case Study: In-Sourcing of Powder Coating Lives up to the Company’s Name
The Good, Better, Best of Powder Coating
NACE International Tutorial: 
How to Avoid Premature Coating Failures – Sponsored by CoatingsPro Magazine
Coating Application Forum
Powder Application: 
Small to Medium Volume
Powder Paint Applications for 
Architectural Fiberglass Profiles
Case Study: Speed, Accuracy and Repeatability: A Case for Dense-Phase Powder Technology
Case Study: Upgrades, Not Just Guns Anymore
Porcelain Enamel: Applications and Basic Processing
Industrial Coatings I
Polyaspartic Coatings – Next Generation of Durable Shop- and Site-Applied
Flow-Through Coating Process for E-Coating Unlimited Length Parts
Material Handling Options for Large Parts
Regulations Affecting Paint Shops
WED., OCT. 5
Powder Coatings II
Innovations in Powder Coating
Masking: Silicone Magnetic Dots and the Rise of the Teflon Dot
“Bring on the Heat” Forum
Advancements in Corrosion Protection with Waterborne PVDCs for Metal Coatings
Introduction to Passive Fire Protection
Corrosion Under Insulation
Thermal Insulation Coatings to 
Eliminate Corrosion Under Insulation
Thermal Spray Versus Liquid Coatings
“Going Green” Forum
Regulatory Changes for Abrasive Blasting and What it Means to Go Green
Why “Green” Your Powder Coating Process
Green Coating Technology
BPA-Free Innovative Lining Technology for the Rail and Storage Markets
Powder Coating Sustainability
Going High-Tech Green: Roof Coatings
NACE Bridge Forum
Corrosion Protection for Reinforcing Steel in Concrete Structures
Maintenance Coating Practices
NTPEP Coatings Evaluation Program
Case History: Mission Possible—
The Weekend Shutdowns of the 
St. Louis Daniel Boone Bridge
Bridge Painting Specifications for the Ohio Department of Transportation
Powder Coating II (cont’d)
Case Studies: Conversion of Liquid to Powder
Powder Coating Issues on Galvanized       Substrates - A Consultant’s Perspective 
Pipeline and Tanks I
Field Applied Rehabilitation Coatings
Protective Coatings for Buried Pipe
Extend Storage Tank Inspection Intervals   Using Release Prevention
Painting the Globe
Training and Certification I
The Importance of Hands-On Training
Liquid Applicator Training
Coating Asset Management Forum
THURs., OCT. 6
Inspection and Testing
Powder Thickness Measurement and Paperless QA
Easy Inspection Form Creation for Dry Film Thickness and Related Test Measure
Paperless QA: Standards, Methods and Tools for Today’s Manufacturing Environment 
Cyclic Accelerated Corrosion Testing
The Need for Third-Party Testing
Third-Party Testing of Coating Materials
Industrial Coatings II
The Advantages of Specialty Coatings
Optically Activated Pigments (OAP) – Insuring Successful Tank-Lining Applications
Writing Successful Coating and Lining Specifications for Steel Water Reservoirs
High Performance Protective Immersion Coatings for Municipal Wastewater Collection and Treatment Systems
Abrasives and Their Properties
Training and Certification II
Powder Coating Certifications
The Value of NACE CIP (Coating Inspector Program) Certification
Qualifying Contractors for Industrial Coating Operations
Job Site Safety
Contracts, Specifications and Warranties in the Painting Industry
UV Technology
Advances in Factory-Applied Coatings for Pipe and Tube
Corrosion Control with UV-Cured Glass       Reinforced Plastic Laminates
Advances in UV Coatings for Military Use
Marine and Military Coatings
Decision-Making Process for Applying Military Coatings
Polysiloxane Technology for the U.S. Navy and Marine Market
Industrial Coatings III
Challenges Faced in the Coating of Carbon Steel Tanks in the Food and Beverage Industry
Totally Integrated Process Control Systems are No Longer a Dream
Concrete Coatings: Challenges and Solutions
Corrosion Control by Protective Coatings for Transmission Structures and Equipment
Pipeline Field Coatings
Pipeline Field Coatings
Marcellus and Utica Shale – Future Impact
Pipeline Coatings Used in Marcellus Shale
Surface Preparation for  Powder Coatings
Laser and Mill Scale Pretreatment Solutions
Pretreatment Innovations
NACE Technical Presentations
Newer and Proven Maintenance Coatings for Coal Prep Plants
Laboratory Investigation of Coating System Failures


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