Paper Sticks to the Coating

Why is Decoral paper sticking to the powder surface?

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Q. We apply the Decoral process and have two kinds of Decoral: One of them is made of plastic (film) and the other is made of paper. We have used Decoral paper on powder coating, but while removing the paper we have had some problems with it sticking to the powder surface. We know that the problem is related to the powder coating. Why is this happening? What is the problem with the powder coating?

A. Decoral is a proprietary sublimation process. Powder is applied to an aluminum substrate and cured. A film is applied to the powder-coated extrusion and then cured to reveal a unique pattern on the surface. The most likely reason why the film or paper is sticking is that you are not using the specially developed Decoral powder coating suitable for the sublimation process. You may be using a normal polyester powder which does not suit sublimation. Many polyester powders are too dense and do not allow sublimation inks to penetrate all the way through the thickness of the powder. Even if you are successful at removing the paper, the inks will not penetrate and will quickly fade under ultraviolet sunlight. You should talk with a Decoral representative to see what powder options will work well without sticking.

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