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  • DuBois Chemicals Acquires Heatbath Corp.

    The Heatbath acquisition extends and significantly enhances the full range of cleaning and process chemical solutions.

  • Heatbath Black Oxide Finishes

    Heatbath Corp.’s Pentrate black oxide products are formulated to achieve the blackest possible finish with maximum corrosion protection and abrasion resistance.

  • Heatbath Updates Website

    Heatbath Corp. has updated its website to include new technologies for zinc, electroless nickel and decorative plating; chromate conversion coating; phosphating; and black oxide coatings; as well as a variety of products for surface pretreatment and corrosion protection.

  • Phosphate Conversion Coatings

    Types of phosphate conversion coatings, how to apply them, and their specific functions.

  • Trivalent Chromate for Zinc Electroplate

    Heatbath will display its new Triumph Plus, a highly corrosion-resistant trivalent chromate for zinc electroplate.

  • Rust Preventive Literature

    Heatbath Corp. has completely revised its Rust Preventive Brochure to incorporate seven new products and updated salt spray data.

  • Electroless Nickel Coatings

    Heatbath Corp.’s Nitec electroless nickel plating products include low-phos, mid-phos and high-phos formulations; each engineered to satisfy specific EN plating performance requirements.

  • Blue Bright Conversion Coating For Zinc

    Heatbath Corp. has introduced Triumph Plus for zinc and zinc plating operations.

  • Wax Emulsion

    Heatbath Corp. has expanded its line of rust preventative products with the introduction of Durawax, a multi-purpose synthetic wax emulsion that provides coverage over bare steel or conversion coatings including black oxide and phosphates.

  • Aluminum Cleaner/Activator

    Diverclean AC, a fast-acting, dual-purpose acid etch cleaner, cleans and deoxidizes aluminum and wrought and cast aluminum alloys, removing light soils, extruding oils, and machining oils.

  • Electrocleaner

    Maxamp Classic is a heavy-duty electrocleaner that effectively removes a wide variety of soils including oils, drawing compounds, polishing compounds and zinc phosphate coatings.The product is a free-flowing, highly alkaline, silicated powder.

  • Heavy-Duty Cleaner

    Designed for use prior to plating, phosphating, black oxiding and other operations requiring high levels of cleanliness, Nuvat Classic is a heavy-duty, alkaline soak cleaner suitable for steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and magnesium.

  • Heatbath Corp

    Heatbath Corp. will be introducing the environmentally friendly Nitec®   Viro-Brite, which combines the RoHS and ELV-compliant advantages of a lead-free, cadmium-free formula with the ability to produce exceptionally bright deposits.

  • RoHS compliant Trivalent Conversion Coating

    Alchrome® Tri-Tec is a trivalent protective coating with a low electrical contact impedance.

  • Specialty Finishing Boosts Customer Satisfaction

    Carefully chosen wet processes allow a mechanical finisher to add value...  

  • Lead-Free, Cadmium-Free Formula

    Nitec®   Viro-Brite combines the RoHS and ELV-compliant advantages of a lead-free, cadmium-free formula with the ability to produce exceptionally bright deposits.

  • Electroless Nickel Technology

    Nitec® Viro-Brite combines the RoHS and ELV-compliant advantages of lead-free, cadmium-free formula with the ability to produce exceptionally bright deposits.

  • Blue Passivate Process

    Triumph 3000 is a blue bright corrosion passivate for zinc, zinc alloy plating, zinc-based die castings and cad plate.

  • Heatbath Corp.

    Heatbath Corp. will exhibit at Sur/Fin its complete line of electroplating and metal finishing products, including the new ChemTech products.

  • Electrolytic and Electroless Nickel Stripper

    Two-component Nistrip 910 strips electrolytic and electroless nickel from steel, copper and brass.

Heatbath Corp.

Contact Information

Please visit: Heatbath Corp.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 51048
Indian Orchard, MA 01151 US

Phone: 413-452-2000
Fax: 413-543-2378

Product Categories of Heatbath Corp.

  • Acid Salts
  • Aluminum Etchants and Deoxidizers
  • Anodizing Sealants
  • Anti-Mist Chemical Additives
  • Blackening Processes, solutions
  • Bright Dips
  • Burnishing Compounds
  • Chemical Coatings
  • Chemical-Polishing Processes
  • Chromate Conversion Coatings
  • Chrome-Free Final Rinses (for paint pretreatment)
  • Cleaning Chemicals, aqueous
  • Coatings, high solids
  • Coatings, zinc-rich
  • Descaling Chemicals
  • Dyes for Chromate and/or Phosphate Coatings
  • Inhibitors, acid pickling
  • Lacquer
  • Nickel Activators
  • Paint Strippers, chemical
  • Paint Stripping Materials for Molten Salt Baths
  • Phosphate Coating Chemicals
  • Pickling Solutions
  • Plating Activators, all metals
  • Plating Processes for Aluminum
  • Plating Processes, alloy: chromium substitute
  • Plating Processes, cadmium
  • Plating Processes, chromium
  • Plating Processes, chromium, trivalent
  • Plating Processes, cobalt, cobalt alloy
  • Plating Processes, copper
  • Plating Processes, nickel
  • Plating Processes, nickel sulfamate
  • Plating Processes, nickel, electroless
  • Plating Processes, nickel, satin finish
  • Plating Processes, tin
  • Plating Processes, zinc
  • Plating Processes, zinc-cobalt
  • Plating Processes, zinc-nickel
  • Rinse Aids
  • Rust Removers
  • Rust-Preventive Chemicals and Oils
  • Smut Removers, aluminum
  • Steam Cleaning Compounds
  • Stripping Solutions, metal
  • Tarnish-Preventive Treatments
  • Waxes

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