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Pavco, Inc.

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Please visit: Pavco, Inc.

Mailing Address:
1935 John Crosland Jr. Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28208 US

Phone: 704-496-6800
Toll-Free: 800-321-7735
Fax: 704-496-6810

A Special Message from Pavco, Inc.

Pavco Updates

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New Compliant Chemistry Logo

The most successful compliant chemistry line of products has an updated new look for 2011. Pavco is excited to release our new HyPro™ logo for immediate use on all products that are part of the growing HyPro™ family.

HyPro™ has long been a leading brand name for metal finishers that seek compliant chemistries across a wide range of industry. Now more then ever these compliant chemistries are also required to be true "high performance" coatings in addition to their inherent environmental advantages, which the new logo is meant to highlight. From conversion coatings to organic top coats, the growing HyPro™ family of products can meet all of your compliant chemistry needs. Please keep a look out for a number of new additions to the HyPro™ line-up over the next few months that service Pavco's growing list of to accompany the new logo. 

Alloy Systems

Alloy Systems

Industry Leading Chloride Zinc Nickel

Just as the ad says, innovation this dramatic rarely comes around. 

Pavco's NiClipse™ chloride zinc nickel is superior to traditional alkaline zinc nickel by plating hardened steel, malleable and cast metals without a chloride zinc strike. NiClipse™ also p lates with 95% efficiency of deposition versus 45-50% while producing brighter deposits and effectively plates controlled alloys for both 6-8% nickel requirements and 10-15% applications with simple operating adjustments.  

In comparison to competitive chloride zinc systems, NiClipse™ offers incredible ductility, plates in a wide temperature range of 90-130°F, can save money by running at very low nickel levels and does not require dual rectification.   For more information, please contact your local Pavco representative. 

View our compliant chemistries

View our compliant chemistries

Pavco Gains Further Auto OEM Specification Approval

Pavco Inc. of Charlotte, NC is pleased to announce the approval of numerous HyPro™ Compliant Chemistry technologies for use on zinc plated, passivated fasteners for the Chrysler Group.  Effective as of 4/30/13, Pavco products HyProBlue™, HyProTec™ HyProCoat™ 320, HyProCoat™ 330 and SuperSeal™ are approved for use on Chrysler Group specification PS-8814.


This recent approval adds to growing list of automotive OEM specification approvals for Pavco. For more information on this and other approvals please visit Pavco’s compliant chemistry page at   

Company Profile

 Advanced Chemistries. Beautiful Finishes.  Global Reach.


This year marks our 63rd year in the metal finishing supply business.  Over the years, our dedication to matching market needs with our industry-leading research operation has generated an unmatched lineup of products.  We have undertaken our largest research and development program ever, which has resulted in the delivery of new and innovative technology for zinc, nickel, tin, alloys, antimicrobials, cadmium, hexavalent and trivalent chrome, copper and phosphate systems. Pavco also continues to expand our industry leading HyPro line of High Performance Compliant Chemistries containing both organic and inorganic topcoats serving automotive ELV initiatives. 
The future looks very brights for Pavco as 2011 will welcome a dramatic investment and expansion of our global facilities to better develop, service and support our partners worldwide.  Stay tuned as the Pavco products that will lead the industry forward in the years to come are being built in Pavco labs today.


Product Categories of Pavco, Inc.

  • Acid Salts
  • Anti-Mist Chemical Additives
  • Bright Dips
  • Chemical Coatings
  • Chromate Conversion Coatings
  • Cleaning & Pretreatment Chemicals
  • Cleaning Chemicals, aqueous
  • Coatings, electrocoatings
  • Dyes for Chromate and/or Phosphate Coatings
  • Electrocoatings
  • Inhibitors, acid pickling
  • Lacquer
  • Nickel Activators
  • Passivation Processes
  • Phosphate Coating Chemicals
  • Plating Processes
  • Plating Processes for Plastics
  • Plating Processes, alloy: chromium substitute
  • Plating Processes, cadmium
  • Plating Processes, chromium
  • Plating Processes, chromium, colored
  • Plating Processes, chromium, trivalent
  • Plating Processes, cobalt, cobalt alloy
  • Plating Processes, copper
  • Plating Processes, nickel
  • Plating Processes, tin
  • Plating Processes, zinc
  • Plating Processes, zinc-cobalt
  • Plating Processes, zinc-iron
  • Plating Processes, zinc-nickel
  • Rinse Aids
  • Rust-Preventive Chemicals and Oils

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