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IFS Coatings' Pureflex Fastcure Cures Rebar Faster, Cooler

IFS Coatings has launched Pureflex Fastcure, its new fusion-bed epoxy powder coating for rebar, which the company says cures faster and at lower temperatures than standard formulations.

Powder Coating

IFS Coatings Launches FBE Powder Coating for Rebar

IFS Coatings has launched a Fusion Bonded Epoxy powder coating for rebar that reportedly cures more quickly than standard formulations or at lower temperatures.

Idvac's Polymer Nanolayer Protects Metallized Copper

Vaccum-deposited nanolayer is designed for variety of uses in security, decorative, packaging, agriculture and solar markets.

Liquid Coating

Doerken Adds Staff for Business Development

New staff supports construction, agriculture and industrial applications, as well as application technology.


George Koch Sons Acquires Jessup Engineering

Jessup is a Rochester Hills, Michigan-based company with more than 45 years experience providing automated finishing systems to the aerospace, automotive, industrial and agriculture industries.

Mechanical Finishing

How KVF Quad in East Moline Survives in a Dwindling Manufacturing Industry

Television station WQAD shows us that when companies like John Deere suffer, so too does KVF Quad Corporation, which does a lot of business related to the ag industry.

Parts Cleaning

Crown Group earns John Deere Supplier of the Year and Partner-level Supplier

Crown Group is a supplier of coating services to John Deere’s Tractor Cab and Assembly Operations in Waterloo, Iowa.


Columbia Chemical Gains Approvals As Preferred Supplier For Zinc And Zinc-Alloy Plating Processes

Gains approvals from John Deere, GM, NCR and Alfagomma after processes were subjected to rigorous testing at each facility.


PPG recognized as John Deere Supplier of the Year

PPG selected in appreciation of its dedication to providing products and services of outstanding quality, its risk-minimizing Secure Launch Excellence process and its commitment to continuous improvement.

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George Koch Sons Acquiring Price Industries

Grand Rapids based company has more than 30 years experience in material handling systems for the aerospace, automotive, industrial, military and agriculture industries.


Caterpillar Is Back on the Coatings Prowl

Caterpillar has been developing and applying advanced wear coatings to extend the service life and performance of its machine components, whether new or remanufactured, for decades. Now Caterpillar’s advanced wear coatings are available to others through Cat Remanufacturing, including turnkey coating and finishing.

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The Call of Heavy Duty Coatings

PPG renews its commitment to heavy-duty equipment coatings with Caterpillar as it is selected the company’s industrial coatings business as the sole heavy-duty equipment coatings supplier for a new motor grader assembly plant in North Little Rock, Ark.

Powder Coating

PPG Earns John Deere Recognition As A Partner-Level Supplier

Program created in 1991 to provide a supplier evaluation and feedback process that promotes continuous improvement.

Liquid Coating

PPG will supply new Caterpillar plant in Arkansas

Motor grader assembly plant will be in North Little Rock


Measuring the Surface Area of Fasteners

How do you measure the surface area of a threaded fastener? How much coating would you put on it? How thick of a coating? What about non-threaded fasteners? The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service, of all people, may have come up with the solution for those pondering how to coat sometimes-difficult small pieces using computer imaging and software to compute the area.

Powder Coating

Schools of Thought: More colleges offering programs in coatings

Employers such as 3M, Valspar, Bobcat, DuPont and Caterpillar routinely drop into classrooms at NDSU, scoping out a new hire to develop the next top coating compound or new corrosion-resistant material.

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Painting Structural Steel

Question: Can I ask which is the best paint to use for painting heavy-gauge steel frame work in the construction industry?


Green with Envy

The John Deere Des Moines Works in Ankeny, IA is thriving, thanks to a combination of state-of-the-art technology and an inventive management philosophy…

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