2021 Hall of Fame Inductees

Products Finishing announces the latest inductees into its Finishing Hall of Fame.


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Products Finishing’s Hall of Fame program is committed to recognizing individuals who were instrumental in the development and growth of the surface finishing industry. Each year the program considers individuals nominated for their outstanding achievement and service to the surface finishing industry. The 2021 inductees are as follows:

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Bill Saas

Bill Saas, Taskem/Coventya

Bill Saas has spent most of his life serving the metal finishing industry. He was the owner of the chemical supplier Taskem, from 1982–2007, prior to selling the business to Coventya. Saas has served the industry in a number of capacities, including chairing the Government Advisory Committee (GAC) for many years. He was president of the Metal Finishing Suppliers Association (MFSA) and is a recipient of the association’s highest honor, the August P. Munning award. During his time with MFSA, he was a major contributor to the Quality Metal Finishing Guides as well as the comprehensive Guide to Environmental Compliance. In 2020, Saas was given the NASF Presidential Award, which focuses on extraordinary service by an NASF member. He is currently an active member of the NASF Ohio Chapter and serves on the NASF Suppliers Committee.

Bob Burger, second from left, with his team at KC Jones Plating

Robert Burger, KC Jones Plating

Robert Burger has been active on both a local and national level supporting the surface finishing industry. He is the recipient of the Silvio Taormina Memorial Award, Past Presidents award, and Fellowship award. He served as the last NAMF president, and during that time led the talk to merge several finishing associations which led to the founding of NASF today. Under Burger’s leadership as president and CEO of KC Jones Plating, the company has grown significantly with the acquisition of C&R Plating in Indiana and the introduction of a greenfield operation in Mexico. 


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