Tri-Mer Custom Engineers Process Tanks

Specialize in 100 percent copolymer and homopolymer polypropylene. 


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Tri-Mer Corporation fabricates process tanks from polypropylene, PE, PVC, CPVC, mild steel and stainless steel. They specialize in 100 percent copolymer and homopolymer polypropylene—rugged, long-life materials that won't delaminate or embrittle (even with exposure to aggressive chemicals) over long periods of time. They provide resistance to strong acids and alkalis, even at higher temperatures. Tanks are custom engineered in rectangular, circular and custom shapes with fume hoods, cone bottoms, agitation and material handling. They specialize in tanks with requirements for special access, constraints on height or footprint, exceptional capacity (100 ft. or more) and tanks requiring robust structural support.