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Posted on: 9/1/2004

Question: We are considering a new e-coat system for automotive parts.


We are considering a new e-coat system for automotive parts. Is the “latest and greatest” always the best material to use? A.S.


While the newest e-coat materials have the best environmental benefits with zero or near-zero VOC’s and HAPS, they may not be the best for your parts or system. While “latest and greatest” sounds good, sometimes the “tried and true” are a better choice. Virtually all e-coat materials meet (and usually far exceed) most environmental requirements unless you are in a geographical area of extremely tight requirements. As VOC’s and HAPS are removed from the coating materials, the process control must be maintained more closely. The ability of the paint suppliers to help with quality and process issues is reduced since additives containing VOC’s or HAPS cannot be used. When making your choice, be sure to review all approved materials (from your customers as well as the paint suppliers) and look at cost and operating parameters. Have parts (preferred) or panels coated and tested in a lab or existing operating system (preferred) using several proposed coatings before making your decision.


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