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Non-Metallic Pump/Tank Cart Handles Caustics, Ultrapure Fluids
The Flex-I-Liner CC-PY12B non-metallic mobile pump/tank cart from Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp. is designed to transfer wastewater and caustic/acidic chemicals with no corrosion, and ultrapure fluids with no contamination.
New Product Published: 1/12/2012
Precipitant Removes Metal to 0.5 ppm
Coventya’s WaterCare Omega MP-5165 metal precipitant is designed to remove metal by forming metal sulfides with chelated and complex wastewater.
New Product Published: 8/23/2011
Hybrid Filter Press
Watermark will have a working 470mm Filter Press on display, complete with a treatment skid including tank, mixer and feed pump as well as their PLC-controlled automatic feed-pump control system.
New Product Published: 5/6/2011
Nickel Salt Recovery System
Eco-Tec’s Nickel Salt Recovery System is desigend to recover more than 95% of the nickel from plating rinse waters.
New Product Published: 5/6/2011
Leasing Option for Metal Degreasing Technology
Safechem, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Co. has introduced its Complease Complete Process Leasing Solution, a program through which customers can lease sealed solvent degreasing equipment combined with customized chemical services for a fixed mon...
New Product Published: 1/7/2011
Filter for Removal of Water from Diesel Fuel
The Trans-O-Filter unit from Serfilco recirculates at flow rates of 3-10 GPM on fuel or hydraulic systems to collect entrained moisture on a coalescing element, until water droplets form large enough to drop to the sump for easy removal from a draw-...
New Product Published: 11/17/2010
Non-Irritating Synthetic Acid Ferrous Corrosion Inhibition Enhancement
Markee International Corp.’s new MK-590 product is designed as a supplement to any water-based process chemical to enhance ferrous corrosion inhibition.
New Product Published: 11/3/2010
Coalescing Systems for Removal of Oil
Serfilco’s equipment for coalescing or separation of free oil from aqueous cleaners or other liquids of dissimilar specific gravities, includes a pre-filter, which extends the life of the coalescing element.
New Product Published: 11/3/2010

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