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PUBLISHED: 6/4/2015

Near-Zero Water Recycler Metal Finishing Essential During Drought

The Near-Zero Water Recycler is designed specifically for Tru Temp process lines up to 200 gallons in tank size.

PUBLISHED: 5/5/2015

Wastewater Treatment System Filters as Much as 97 Percent of Solution for Reuse

George Koch Sons LLC offers its Rejuvenator, a standalone wastewater treatment system that can link to new or existing processing lines to optimize cleaning chemical costs, reduce waste disposal expenditure and enhance production quality.

PUBLISHED: 4/17/2015

Brochure Describes Copolymer, Homopolymer Process Tank Technology

A new brochure from Tri-Mer Corp. describes process tank technology that uses 100-percent copolymer and homopolymer polypropylene.

PUBLISHED: 4/15/2015

Filter Reduces Hex Chromium to Trivalent Chromium without Added Chemicals

ToxSorb’s selective filtration technology effectively absorbs and removes chromium in the metal finishing applications.

PUBLISHED: 4/13/2015

Improved Cloud-based EHS Platform Enables Chemical Approval Management

MSDSonline, provider of cloud-based environmental, health and safety (EHS) management solutions, offers its enhanced chemical management platform.

PUBLISHED: 2/20/2015

Hepa, Carbon Filters Uses Coconut Shell to Absorb Organic Solvents

Hemco Corp.’s CleanAire HEPA and carbon filters are designed to be mounted inline in the exhaust ducting from a fume hood or contaminant source (as high as 1,500 cfm).

PUBLISHED: 1/5/2015

Durable, Corrosion-Resistant Materials for Equipment Design

Polystrong and Polylast offer corrosion-resistant, sturdy material selections for air and water treatment equipment, with numerous industrial and municipal applications.

PUBLISHED: 10/5/2014

Filter Removes Contaminates at High Pressure Ranges

The .01 Micron SuperStar Filter from Walmec North America is designed to provide clean, dry, compressed air resulting in the removal of any vapors and contaminates down to .01 micron.

PUBLISHED: 10/3/2014

Scrubbers Simultaneously Remove Solid and Gas Particles

From Bionomic Industries comes the high performance Series 9000 preformed spray scrubber.

PUBLISHED: 9/23/2014

Water Treatment Systems Reduce Water, Sewer Costs

TTX Environmental, a division of Therma-Tron-X, offers water treatment and wastewater treatment systems that minimize the operational costs and environmental impact of industrial processes.

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